Conversations That Create Trajectory Moments

An Idea To Help Others Overcome Adversity, Creates More Than Was Even Imaginable

So here we sit, December 2013. Almost into the third year after the conception of Little Conversations Today. Just in case you are not aware, Little Conversations Today started due to an adversity we faced that at that times seemed completely insurmountable.

There was a long period of disbelief and then the feeling of complete failure set in and all of the other feelings that go with it. Through this journey, we were introduced to a book entitled Three Feet From Gold. This is the book that gave birth to the idea of this site and just recently a dream came true and truly created a new belief system inside of us.

three-feet-from-goldHave you ever taken a step outside of yourself and been in awe about an action and where it led to? An idea that turned into something great? A chance meeting that turned into the most remarkable relationship ever? Or even a conversations that turned into the most valuable learning lesson in your life. These circumstances are no coincidence, this is the universe just lining up what is to be the next step in your life.

On December 12, 2013 this happened to us. We got the opportunity to interview the gentleman that gave birth to the idea that in turn changed our lives forever. We were honoured to interview the great Mr. Don Green, CEO of The Napoleon Hill Foundation and originator of the idea behind Three Feet From Gold.


Asking Mr. Green to share his Three Feet From Gold Story was a moment that we will never forget, being able to spend over two hours with Mr. Green discussing his book Everything I Learned About Success I learned From Napoleon Hill.

Today we bring you a snippet of what is to come on February 2nd 2014. This is when we release the fullseries of Mr. Green’s videos.  When we do, please make sure that you come back and see them, you will be so moved by the most incredible wisdom of Mr. Green.

Today and since the 12th, there has been a single statement rolling around in our mind and the statement goes like this:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve” -Napoleon Hill-  This past week this statement along with the idea of having a definite purpose in life can’t become any clearer. Having a definite purpose of sharing the ideas our expert lay out in an

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.
environment that is comfortable “In our experts homes or places of business” is complete joy and bliss for us, ensuring that anyone who faces adversity that seems so insurmountable in their life can come here and find FREE information from some of the most magnificent minds in the world, and helping to bring to the world resources to use and not just sit on the shelves of offices and homes all over the world is our DEFINITE PURPOSE! Thank you so very much Mr. Green and without further delay, we bring you Mr. Don Green’s Three eFeet from Gold Video!


[genericbox color=””]Thank you Mr. Green for giving birth to this remarkable idea of Three Feet From Gold. Thank you for writing Everything I Know About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill. Just these two pieces of legendary writings will continue the legacy of the great Napoleon Hill. This in conjunction with the countless other pieces of literature, video, and audio Mr. Hill has recorded, written, and produced will ensure that the message continues to travel long after we are gone.[/genericbox]





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