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Are We Really Doing Everything We Can?

Are We Really Doing Everyting We Can In Our Life?

“Are you bold, fierce, and unrelenting in chasing your dreams?”

Are we? Do you sit back and say “I want a better life.”? I want more of the good things, better personal relationships, better jobs, better friends, more respectful children, and then go back to doing the “same old, same old” that to this point in your life?

We do not have to look far to see that change is necessary for almost every facet of life. However, we also know (if we choose to see it consciously) that where there is an issue or challenge, there is also a lot of good and opportunity.

Where you are today, whether you like it or not, is all your doing. It is the decisions you have made in the past, the limiting beliefs or “little conversations” that you continually replay, and the paradigms encasing you. These factors are the reasons we are where we are. So, what are you doing to ascend to the next level? What do you continue to do even on the toughest days?

Recently, I have had a revelation of sorts. People say they want a better life, yet, on most occasions; they are not willing to put in the work. They are not prepared to make the sacrifices to get to the next level. You see, it is easier to have or create excuses than to create your own luck and consistently move toward your authentic desires.

Let me ask you this. Do you own every action you take? Do you own every choice you make? Do you own the challenges and opportunities you encounter?

Do you take ownership of your life as it is right now? Wait… Let me add to this before you answer! If you have had a tragedy occur in your life, do you still own it? If you have had massive health challenges, do you still own it? If you have had limiting results from employment, do you still own it?

Taking ownership of your life means there is no passing the blame. It is not a companies fault that you cannot pay your bills. It is not Gods fault that you have that health challenge, it is not your spouse’s fault that you are always in a bad mood, and it is not your children’s fault you are losing your hair.

It is your life, take charge of it. You are the CEO, the captain of your ship. Act like it!

Why do I ask if we are doing everything we possibly can to make our lives the way we want them?Everything They Had Went Into The Coliseum Just put. It is much work, and if you decided to ascend to the next level of awareness, it takes a lot of drive, work, dedication, and emotional attachment. The reality is that most people are not willing to put in the effort and dedication to make their dreams happen.

All of the tools are out there in the world, readily available for the taking.

Should you want it bad enough. Think about this picture for a moment. Did the people that build the Coliseum give it their best? Yes, they did! Do we admire this structure to this day? We sure do! Something to really think about no?

Joy to you!

Dan Deigan



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