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Are We Really Doing Everything We Can?

Are We Really Doing Everyting We Can In Our Life?

“Are you bold, fierce, and unrelenting in chasing your dreams?”

Are we? Do you sit back and say “I want a better life.”? I want more of the good things, better personal relationships, better jobs, better friends, more respectful children, and then go back to doing the “same old, same old” that to this point in your life?

We do not have to look far to see that change is necessary for almost every facet of life. However, we also know (if we choose to see it consciously) that where there is an issue or challenge, there is also a lot of good and opportunity.

Where you are today, whether you like it or not, is all your doing. It is the decisions you have made in the past, the limiting beliefs or “little conversations” that you continually replay, and the paradigms encasing you. These factors are the reasons we are where we are. So, what are you doing to ascend to the next level? What do you continue to do even on the toughest days?

Recently, I have had a revelation of sorts. People say they want a better life, yet, on most occasions; they are not willing to put in the work. They are not prepared to make the sacrifices to get to the next level. You see, it is easier to have or create excuses than to create your own luck and consistently move toward your authentic desires.

Let me ask you this. Do you own every action you take? Do you own every choice you make? Do you own the challenges and opportunities you encounter?

Do you take ownership of your life as it is right now? Wait… Let me add to this before you answer! If you have had a tragedy occur in your life, do you still own it? If you have had massive health challenges, do you still own it? If you have had limiting results from employment, do you still own it?

Taking ownership of your life means there is no passing the blame. It is not a companies fault that you cannot pay your bills. It is not Gods fault that you have that health challenge, it is not your spouse’s fault that you are always in a bad mood, and it is not your children’s fault you are losing your hair.

It is your life, take charge of it. You are the CEO, the captain of your ship. Act like it!

Why do I ask if we are doing everything we possibly can to make our lives the way we want them?Everything They Had Went Into The Coliseum Just put. It is much work, and if you decided to ascend to the next level of awareness, it takes a lot of drive, work, dedication, and emotional attachment. The reality is that most people are not willing to put in the effort and dedication to make their dreams happen.

All of the tools are out there in the world, readily available for the taking.

Should you want it bad enough. Think about this picture for a moment. Did the people that build the Coliseum give it their best? Yes, they did! Do we admire this structure to this day? We sure do! Something to really think about no?

Joy to you!

Dan Deigan

Energizing Ourselves To Pursue Our Dreams

Energizing Ourselves To Pursue Our Dreams

We all need to energize ourselves to pursue our dreams

“Our little conversations can destroy our energy needed to pursue our dreams. The trick is perspective!”

So there you are, holding your hands up in the air with a feeling of total euphoria, the world is now your playground, you now see life in a clearer perspective, you’re going to ROCK IT. Why? You’ve just given birth to the most amazing idea you’ve ever had. This idea is right in line with those dreams and desires. It’s the idea that you’ve had at the back of your mind growing, knocking on the door of your consciousness, asking to be released into this world.

At first glance, you’re unstoppable. This idea is going to change your life and the life of so many other people. For the next few weeks, you’re hard at work formulating, researching, reading, and compiling all of the creative material needed to complete this magnificent dream.

Then… It happens… You allow a little conversation about impossibilities, about a lack of any kind you have, about your past failures, about why this amazing idea just simply can’t happen. Then over the next few weeks, you do very little, you find your motivation decreasing, your energy draining, and your brilliance diminishing.

What is this reverse in energy, motivation, and drive? It is simply a shift in perception. I was listening to my copy of Napoleon Hill’s The Philosophy Of Personal Achievement. In it, he discusses before a live audience, how we need to keep our mind so busy with the glorious side of our dreams. The side that lets us know how many people we’re going to help, the abundance, we’re going to receive, the unlimited service we’re going to render, and the joy that it will bring us when we do.

When we keep our mind filled with these ideas, there’s no room for the negative. So in essence, if you’re having these ill thoughts and feel that lack of desire to achieve your dream. You just need a change in perspective.

In his book The Motivation Manifesto Brendon Burchard says

By deeply contemplating higher aims, we energize ourselves to pursue them.

Brendon shares another great truth when it comes to the Little Conversations we have during our “quiet times”. Usually (meaning most of the time) when we lack motivation for the continued pursuit of our dreams, we don’t believe that we’ll realize our dream. We lack the expectancy to achieve our desires. This all stems from a little conversation we have with ourselves about not being able to accomplish our hearts desire.

Doesn’t this sound so silly? So immature? YES, scream it at the top of your lungs right now… I WILL NOT LET ME TALK MYSELF OUT OF LIVING MY DREAM!.

Everyone that has ever achieved heights of true greatness has experienced a little conversation that told them they couldn’t do it. Have experienced times of what feels like a depression. Have experienced times of deflation, doubt, distraction, and even disconnection to their dream. The trick that they use and the trick that you will need to use is a perspective shift.

Changing your perspective will be easier for some than others, your perspective is just a view you have of any given situation. You’ve heard things like “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. This is so true, how can you look at your challenge from a different angle? How can you find the gold nugget in every challenge? Does this situation help you prove your philosophy? Will it be great content to share on stage of in a group that might help others shift their thinking?

Ask yourself this: What will my dream provide the world, my family, my life, my legacy?. Sit down and write for a minimum of 10 minutes. Answer this question, then you’ll find all the motivation you’ll need.

Joy to you in every precious moment!


YOU’RE The Obstacle YOUR Dreams Face – Plain And Simple!

YOU’RE The Obstacle YOUR Dreams Face – Plain And Simple!

YOU’RE The Obstacle YOUR Dreams Face – Plain And Simple!

“When we lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that our true desires can’t happen. We become the only roadblock we need to stay in our comfort zones… Better known as dead zones!”

When it comes to the attainment of our dreams and desires, it is clear that we are our biggest obstacle we need to overcome! Yes, you might be thinking that this post is just like all of the other “Pollyanna” ones out there. The fact is, it’s not!

When you sit back and think of all the “Little Conversations” you have with yourself when you set out on a really big dream. The conversations that go something like…

  • This is going to be really hard.
  • Man, this is going to take a lot of time.
  • I don’t know any of the right people
  • This is going to take a boat load of money

Do you not find it completely absurd that when we look to achieve this idea that has been digging into our minds for the last however many years, our first thoughts are the “reasons” why we CAN’T achieve them? Let’s break down just one of these silly yet, powerful and massively destructive little conversations we have.

This is going to be hard: Let me ask you this… How do you know without a shadow of doubt that this is going to be hard? If you’ve never set out to achieve this particular dream or goal (And I hope this is the case. If you’ve already achieved this goal… Then it’s not really a goal this time around is it?) Then how can you be 100% sure it is going to be so hard?

In my humble opinion, this is one of the most common cop outs of all times, of course it will feel hard… You are growing and stepping out into a new realm of greatness. Let’s think about EVERYTHING of great value you’ve done in the past. All you ladies out there. Was it easy giving birth to your child? Was it easy raising that child? For all you men out there. Was it easy raising your child? Was it easy conceiving that child? (Sorry, had a burst of the funnies there!) really though, these amazing dreams you had as a child of raising a family, came true. Sure, it was a lot of work – Yet, I am willing to bet that you wouldn’t trade it for anything or any amount of money. So then WHY do we think that these dreams that we’ve had kicking around inside of us for years are going to be so hard, we just simply can’t go through with it?

If we really want it, the difficulties seem to disintegrate before our eyes. This is the beauty of desire. When you have a real burning desire to achieve your goal. All these ideas of it being hard, go out the window. Will it still be hard at times, sure it will. However, your perception of “hard” will change. Your conversation will change, then and only then, is when you will break through into the freedom you so greatly deserve.

So when that conversation arises in you, about anything in your life being hard and therefor unattainable. Stop and ask yourself what isn’t hard? Is there really anything on this planet that’s easy? I say no. Some of you might disagree, I encourage you to think of it in a different way. If you believe say coding a website is hard, do you know anyone out there that might know it’s easy? Sure you do, you know that people out there believe it’s easy. Think web developers… So let’s decode this for a second. Is “hard” a perception stance or is “hard” a reality?

I vote, that’s it a perceptual stance. Everything you think is hard, I guarantee there’s someone out there that knows it’s easy.

In his book The Motivation Manifesto, Brendon Burchard says

If we are not responsible for our beliefs and behavior, then someone or something else is- thus, again, we are slaves. And so the great demand is clear: We must become conscious and responsible for our beliefs and behaviors if we are to be free.

In the end, you’re able to sum up all of these false ideas of your not being able to achieve what you truly desire with this:

It all revolves around your perception. If your conversation is negative, change your perception and your conversation will also change!

The Only Conversation That Counts

The Only Conversation That Counts

The ONLY Conversation that counts!

“When it comes to living the life we want, the conversations we have with ourselves can be our greatest asset or worst enemy!”

There is but one conversation you can have that can change the way you look at EVERYTHING. This is the most important one, the one you have with yourself. It is, in the end, The Only Conversation That Counts.

Why? You can have the greatest ideas on the planet, the greatest friends surrounding you with their support, and the greatest financial backing available. If you continue to have negative conversations with yourself in those quiet moments, talking about things like…

  1. What you’re not “apparently” capable of.
  2. What your product or service, “apparently” isn’t capable of
  3. That your dream simply isn’t “apparently” possible

You’re never going to achieve the dreams you’re going after. The reality is that we never seem to have a lack of thoughts that share with us, what we’re not capable of. When we give into these “Completely Stupid” ides, we then create a vibration that rings throughout the universe and in the end, returns to us exactly what we ask for.

positive-thinking-takes-workI believe, there is but one single source that has destroyed more dreams than anything. It’s our own defeating thoughts. Once your thoughts defeat us, there’s no coming back my friend.

Have you ever accomplished something in a very short period of time, looked back in complete amazement after it was all done and thought to yourself “wow, how did all that happen?”. I can remember one such experience I had during our annual Christmas and New Year Specials where we get usually 5 experts together and they share their ideas and beliefs on Gratitude during the Christmas week, then during the week of New Years, we discuss how to create a Revolution in our lives for the upcoming year. This particular year, I had a BIG idea…

Why not get 20 experts together for this year’s event?”

Did I mention that it was the 10th of December? Yeah… Trying to get 20 experts to give up an hour of their time two weeks before Christmas, not to mention, I would have to record and produce the 40 videos, create 40 new pages on the site, and have enough time to promote it all.

When it was all done, my wife asked me how I was able to pull it off. My first response was… “Why would I not be able to?”. See, I never gave it a single thought that I wouldn’t pull it off. The mix of her question and my answer sunk in and in just a few short seconds, it hit me… I pulled off something that most people would call impossible.

That’s when it really hit me… When it comes to living the life we want, the conversations we have with ourselves can be our greatest asset or worst enemy! Of course, this is just one such example. I am sure you, just as I do, have more examples of things just like this happening.

So why is it that when we set out to achieve our goals, do we start to waiver and let out “Little Conversations” tell us that it’s simply not going to happen, just because it might notabstract figures be happening in the timeline we had <em”think” it should happen in?

I wish I had some magic bullet to give you or share some instant insight that will eliminate these limiting conversations you have. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Here are three suggestions that I use and find work extremely well.

  1. Think of a time you accomplished a great task without having all the needed skills. I once won a sales competition when I was relatively new at a company and had way less skill and knowledge than some of the veterans I beat out.
  2. Write out both the skills you have and the ones you believe you’ll need to accomplish your goal. When I started Little Conversations Today, I had a dream of what I wanted it to look like, share, and how it would all flow. I was missing a few pieces of the puzzle. First, I had no coding skills and second I knew nothing about photoshop or image manipulation. So I hit You Tube and taught myself how to write code and use photoshop. You need to work to develop the skills you need to accomplish your goal while using the skills you already have to take the next step toward your finish line
  3. Surround yourself with people that have big beliefs. In other words, hang out and associate with people that have a positive outlook and support your dream.

When our thoughts and conversations focus on what’s possible, we keep the passion alive and driving forward. Don Green shared a great video on how both success and failure are simply states of mind. When our mind is focused on what is possible, our conversations follow. When your mind is focused on what’s impossible, our conversations also follow.

When a negative conversation arises, use the ideas from these three suggestions. So let’s say that you’re in bed tonight and as you’re waiting to fall asleep, your mind starts sharing all of those wonderful “You can’t do this and that” thoughts. Say something like.

I remember when I beat out all of those veterans at my company when they had all the skill and industry knowledge. When I started Little Conversations Today without any html coding knowledge, experts lined up, or connections. I still created something really special for everyone who experiences it. My friends know I can do it, why do I doubt myself? I have proved that I was capable of so much in the past, I’m going to do the same thing now. I will succeed.

Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective. Here is what Napoleon Hill said to a doctor when he was in the hospital after his son Blair was born and the doctor advised Napoleon Hill that he would be a deaf mute his whole life. Napoleon disagreed and after the doctor said that there were some things in life that no one has control over. Napoleon Hill replied:

Doctor. There is nothing in this world that I can’t do something about, even if it’s nothing more than adjusting myself to an unpleasant situation so it doesn’t destroy my spirit

Choice Connections LCT TV September 9th 2014

Choice Connections LCT TV September 9th 2014

It has been a while and for that, I do apologize. We have been busy creating so much that I totally slipped on your LCT T.V videos. No excuses, just a straight up apology!

So what’s in store for you today? Well, we’re discussing Choice Connections and how they impact our daily decisions, paths, and energy. This idea of Choice is a fantastic one. We have said on many different occasions, Choice is the starting point of all greatness. My dear friend Rico Racosky (Choice Pioneer) first introduced me to conscious choice a little over two years ago and it is a subject that I love to study and learn everything I can about. Choice Connections is this week’s LCT T.V subject!

Do you see how this single idea of choice can dramatically change your entire perspective, thoughts, feeling, and then of course, change your actions toward your dreams, passion, desire, and goals?

Utilize this power, it lies within all of us!

Creating Breakthroughs In The Eye Of The Storms

Creating Breakthroughs In The Eye Of The Storms

Staying Motivated & Creating Breakthroughs During Those Demotivating Times


So I’m sure that you’ve been there, we all have right? Finding something your really passionate about like sales, customer service, creating products, blogging, or what ever may happen to be your burning desire. Then one day all the breakthroughs, content, and passion are lost in almost a split second.

Maybe it’s the idea that your not quite where you thought you’d be? Maybe it was someone else saying “give it up”, maybe you’re burning the candles on both ends, maybe you are finding that this burning desire that really pumped you up two years ago, is not transforming somehow. Whatever the reason for this transition or  shift in your life, it is meant to take you to a new and exciting place.

I know this because I have walked through that valley myself. A few times in fact and in the end, I always get directed into the place I need to be. When you find yourself lacking the motivation to complete a project, continue down the path you chose, or find yourself having less breakthroughs that you had expected at this point in your life, here are a few tips and techniques I personally use to overcome that demotivating time and charge my batteries again.

I get out a piece of paper and I answer the following questions:

Rules: Yes there are rules! This has to be done by you, alone and without distractions!

  1. Make a list of all of the things that really charged or charge you up with this great journey you’re on when you first had that magnificent idea.
  2. If you’re creating a product, write down what results your clients will see once you have completed this new product. If you’re providing a service, share what you do to help your clients get the results they want. How much value will your product and service provide to these clients to help them in their lives?
  3. What breakthroughs have you already had with this product and service? (Client testimonials, people you’ve met, people you’ve already helped, aha moments you’ve already experienced, the benefits it has had on your family, etc.)
  4. Clarify your purpose for doing what you’re doing. What’s your why? If you are having a hard time figuring that out, you can try this free video series I have put together to help people find their greatness. Get it here

When you have done that, it usually will give  more direction and clarity about the reasons why you originally started this journey. The one thing that you must always remember is that when you get these blessings from the universe (the ideas that come to you are coming to you because the creator knows you can make them work) it is the blessed person who takes hold of an idea and runs with it.

The storms both you and I face are the same regardless of your social, financial, or business class. We all face storms and have to brave the hurricane winds. If you have ever seen a tree on the shore line in a hurricane, it gets banged around pretty, pretty, good. The most beautiful thing is that after every storm, this tree is much stronger now that it had made it our the other side.

So will you. You will breakthrough, you will conquer fear, doubt, and the tentacles of adversity. You will because you have been chosen to bring your special gift to the world. Another great thing I like to do when I am feeling deflated, demotivated is I start to think of all of the people my services will help and that really lights my fire again.

We all lose our motivation, our goal should be to work toward inspiration in the end. See motivation is more of an ego based idea. breakthrough into your greatness with inspiration instead. When you are inspired by a great purpose, a great goal. Your thoughts break their bonds and your mind transcends limitations. You find yourself in a new an glorious world. I can tell you, that you truly do.

Changing Our Most Impressed Thoughts Into Limitless Beliefs

Changing Our Most Impressed Thoughts Into Limitless Beliefs

Changing How We Think To Overcome Fears And Challenges

Changing our thought process seems to be this ongoing event in most people’s lives, that is until they decide that its just to difficult or that the timeline doesn’t work with their schedule. This has been an ongoing search for us at Little Conversations Today. We have interviewed over 150 experts to date and asked similar questions to find you, our valued readers and followers the answer.

We have had many ideas and a mix of them all is essential to truly connect with everyone. No single thought leader will connect with everyone (No brainier right?), however, when you hear that thought leader that connects with you on a higher vibration, you my friend have found the person to follow and learn from.

Over the last few weeks, we have been meditating and praying about this same thing. We too have been seeing more and more negative thoughts arise about the possibilities of LCT. See we are hitting another level with Little Conversations Today and this level once again requires us to step outside our comfort zone. The funny thing is that three years ago when we established LCT, the comfort zone we now experience was in fact our challenge zone. Interesting isn’t it?

This idea or vibration has been running in the same sequence since you were born, if you truly think, critically think as Randy Gage shares in this expert interview (Click Here). We need to think back to times when we were sitting just on the Edge Of Uncertainty (Dennis Merritt Jones’ Video About that here)  where we are leaving our comfort zone into the challenge zone, that soon becomes out new comfort zone. So if wee have been doing this all of our lives, why is it not a habit that take little to zero thinking to do? ALAS!!! The question prevails! Why? Well:

  • We don’t do it often enough (Step outside our comfort zones)
  • We allow outside fears, people, and situations to cloud our thoughts
  • We have not allowed the limitless thoughts to take form in our minds

Here is a video we have put together after listening to a remarkable audio form Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz within their Go For No program. Enjoy this week’s LCT TV Episode.




Stickibility The Power Of Perseverance

You’ve gotta know when to hold em, Stickibility

If there is one book that is a must on your book shelf besides the usual suspects, then Stickibility is it. I have the great honour of being able to read just about a book a week from some of the top authors, digest their material, then interview them on their book. When I sat down to read Stickibility, it was the normal routine until I read the first four pages!

It took only four pages and I was hooked. Have you ever read a book that just grabbed you in your soul and you didn’t want to put down? Did the book have Stickibility? Greg Reid’s does and I can assure you of one thing, if you are looking

for true book that can help you change the way you view your ability to achieve your true hearts desire, then Stickibility is it. Stickibility is the book that can help you see the truth about what you are truly capable of.

Allow me to share some of the main points that I pulled out of just a few of the pages in Stickibility. It would be the longest post (called a book) if I were to go through even 2/3 rds of them so I’ll just use a few that made me really think about myself, my beliefs, my actions, and my abilities in just the first 14 pages.

Page 5: You can see someone’s true self simply by observing how they act when they’re faced with a difficult situation an think no one is watching.

What does that statement say to you? It got me thinking about times where I’ve acted in ways that I’m not proud of or would like to act again. Since I have read but more importantly since I internalized (or digested) that statement, it took on a whole new meaning. The main trajectory moment (as I like to cal them) that I took out of this statement is ‘Do we act different when we know people are watching?’ I believe that in fact we do, until we make a conscious decision to not allow our ego to influence our decisions. If you sit back right now and critically think about the times where you didn’t act as you would have in front of family members, friends, or even a significant other, we would probably all be able to sit here and recite story after story. Hopefully you are sitting there smiling as you read this, just as I am smiling writing it, that means that you are really digesting this statement and that my friend is where true transformation takes place. The lesson: Be who you are at all times and start to respond instead of react in times of challenge, you will become a far better leader than you have ever been. People look up to leaders in times of difficulty and when the leader is calm, cool, and collective, the leader will remain in  position of influence. Oh and here is another little nugget on page 3 that continues over to 4 I thought I would share with you. ‘Think about it. It’s easy to be happy-go-lucky and make great decisions when everything is going your way. The question is, how do you respond when a challenge comes? It’s at this precise moment that who we are as people is revealed to the world.’ 

Page 10: Of course, you can’t always control your circumstances, but you can control how you deal with them.

Now here we get into some really remarkable thinking. Can you remember a time where you had no control over a circumstance or challenge you faced but your reaction…(response maybe?) was something you might wish you were able to take back? I think we’ve all been there at some point and time. So when we have these “situations” arise we should really stop and take a deep breath and THINK. I mean critically think about the challenge. Is your initial reaction going to serve you in the progress toward your destination? (Your dream destination not frustration destination!) If it’s not going to serve you in reaching your goal like taking a deep breath and then responding to your challenge will, then would it be o.k. to say that it is going to move you away from said goal or destination? Yep, sure will my friend!

Think about it. It’s easy to be happy-go-lucky and make great decisions when everything is going your way. The question is, how do you respond when a challenge comes? It’s at this precise moment that who we are as people is revealed to the world.

Stickibility is a fantastic book and help us make Stickibility the first book out of The Napoleon Hill Foundation hit the New York Times Best Sellers List!

You can get your copy of Stickibility here at the The Napoleon Hill Foundation’s web site.

Container Of Positive Thoughts To Propel You To Your Dreams

Our minds are like a container that holds your thoughts

I just finished a book by Shawn Shewchuck entitled Change Your Mind Change Your Results. Shawn made an extremely interesting comment and that is the base of this weeks episode of Little Conversations TV. Shawn said:

Think of your mind for a moment as a container of ideas, and if its full, then something has to come out before more can be put in.

This is a great visual for us to take in about the thoughts that we chose to think and repeat everyday. What type of thoughts do you allow to fill your container? Are they thoughts of limitations, lack, or inability to achieve your dreams? If they are, then we need to get you to empty a few of these out at a time and replace them with positive limitless thoughts.

The one thing about thoughts, especially negative ones, is that you can’t just stop thinking them and expect them to go away. In order to truly break free, you will need to replace them with positive thoughts.


As I share in this video, one great process that had helped me more than any other is to release these negative thoughts from my head and onto paper. On the left side of the paper write out your negative thought, then on the right side, write out the positive polar opposite of that thought. This will allow you to have an opposite beneficial thought to go along with your negative ones. When you have that negative thought come up, stop and immediately think of the positive thought you write down.

As you go through this exercise, you will notice in a very short period of time, your negative thoughts toward your true dreams and desires will start to dissipate and you will start to have a lot more positive thoughts. We also have other posts that you can check out on thoughts. Here is one you might like about the Vortex Of Thought.

We hope that yo enjoy this episode of Little Conversations TV.

The Hidden Three Stages Of A Positive Or Negative Vortex

The Hidden Three Stages Of A Positive Or Negative Vortex

The Hidden Three Stages Of A Positive Or Negative Vortex

The other day during a conversation with Rico Racosky something extremely profound arose and has been sticking with me like glue so I had to create this post in the hopes that it will also free you from the negative vortex that most of us find ourselves in. Through this realization, Rico and I discussed the three stages that keep us from remaining positive about life, our goals, our daily activities, and what is on the horizon.

First, there is no question that staying positive is a choice and it’s also hard work. Della Menechella shares this in a video from her series entitled Staying Positive Is Hard Work. The fact that remaining positive day in day out is almost impossible because we are human and we have these things you might have heard of called emotions… Yes these emotions can help us have moments of complete negativity. When these moments happen, maybe you call a friend, maybe you yell and scream to yourself in a “little conversation”, or maybe you vent to your spouse. Whatever the process is that you deal with these negative moments, there is a trifecta of events that seem to occur that can hinder our progress toward regaining out positive state of mind.

positive-thinking-takes-work You’re probably looking to hear these three stages or the “vortex” that seem to keep people in a negative state of mind so you can identify them and make the conscious choice to get off the downward slide of negativity and onto the escalator of positivity right? Well lets take a deep look at each of these three main areas.


Venting is the first of the three stages of the vortex. Now, please don’t think for a second that any of these stages shouldn’t be expressed. Even the most positive people out there vent about challenges and storms they are in the heart of. You are no different, you are simply human! Venting comes in two forms I believe the first is when you experience a single or multiple (usually negative or frustrating) events that lead up to a “blow out” almost like a kettle heating up and then whistling when it’s ready. The second is positive venting, this is when something remarkable happens and you share this excitement with everyone you come into contact with (usually for a few days), You’ve been to both of these parties I’m sure!  These two process are perfectly normal to do, we need to release these thoughts from our heads as they lead us into the second stage of the “vortex” which is Processing.


As we vent or as we share our successes or perceived failures with people, we start to mentally process the information to ourselves. This processing of positive thoughts changes our feelings and creates more and more positive thoughts. The same goes for the negative side of our venting/processing right? This processing shares things like “who do they think they are?, Why did they do that?, What did I do to them? and so on and so on. It also produces thoughts like Man I really did a great job?, What a difference I made in that person’s life, I can do this and next time I’ll do it better, and so on and so on. If you think back to a time when you were venting either in a negative or positive way, can you see how the words that you were sharing with the people or person listening were the words you needed to hear to actually process the information? We do in every situation, this is a big reason people justify things to themselves long after the actual situation is over and forgotten, they still have this need to internally process why they did what they did. Think about it!


The third stage of maintaining a positive or negative vortex of thinking is the chronic stage. This is the “stuck” stage. So many discuss being stuck as a negative idea, we believe just like venting there are two sides to this coin as well. When we are “stuck” in this chronic stage of negativity, our lives are total crap, plain and simple right? When we are “stuck” in the vortex of chronic positive thinking, we are living a life filled with bliss, joy, and excitement right? The easiest way to share the idea of the chronic stage starts is to say simply it is when you go past the processing stage, so what does this mean? As we transition from venting to processing, we take the situation and internalize it to try and find things like a reason it happened, was this intentional, was it something I did, and many other layers like that. After you have processed it and realized what ever layer fits your idea of why it happened, it turns chronic when you keep going over and over it until it is engrained in your mind and you start to live with that idea. On the negative side it comes out in ways like procrastination, justification of why you didn’t do something, and even fear. I’m sure you have been there with a friend or family member, when they start talking, you know you’re in for a ling drawn out negative conversation. On the flip side, I am also sure you’ve had conversations where the other person might seem to you to be almost fake about how positive they are.

So the really big question is, how would you rather live? And the second question is, what direction are you going to chose to take in your life. Does the positive “vortex” feel better? Does it have a higher vibe to it? Ya, you might be called Pollyanna, so what! When you walk into a room do you want people to drop their heads because they just simply don’t want to make eye contact with you in fear that you will start your chronic complaining about how everyone is against you and the world is out to crush your life? Or do you want them to feel good when they speak to you? Just in case those questions are a little foggy, your vibration is infectious to everyone around you. If you are in a negative vibration, everyone around you has the possibility of getting negatively infected. If you are in a positive vibration, once again everyone around you has the possibility of getting infected in a glorious and positive way. Let them call you what they will, when you infect someone with positivity, they will have a better day I promise!


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Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.
- Napoleon Hill