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Overcoming Adversity

<br /> Overcoming Adversity<br />

Adversity can be devastating..If you let it! Adversity can help you find your way…If you believe in underlined gold nuggets! Adversity can educate us in so many ways…If you see the positive side of the obstacle!

I guess the big question we all have to answer in this vortex we call adversity is, “How do we overcome adversity and move closer toward our goals, dreams, and aspirations?”.

That question can send you down many different roads it’s completely mind boggling to say the least. For me the answer was a book I read. You see, I faced an adversity of a calibre that I never thought even existed, it ripped me from the inside out, from top to bottom. Four years of trial and error, refinement, education, and money were spent on a program that was going to make a difference in so many lives. When the time came to share it with the world, there was not one single sale. Not one single purchase.

Depending on what post or web page you read, they say that Edison failed from 1000 to over 10,000 times before he created a lasting version of the incandescent light bulb. This single example can be found in almost every personal development book in the world today. Now if you are reading this and thinking the same thing I used to think,

“another person using the same old stuff that everyone and their brother uses”.

Well you are right and you’re wrong!

Edison’s quote on quote “Failures” were simply stepping stones to success, that in the end as you are fully aware illuminated the world. The flip side of this is what we personally experienced.

Before I go any further, there are two roads that you will take from this point forward. one road is the road of disbelief and the second road is the road of connection. What do we mean by these two roads?

Well if you have never given so much time, energy, effort, money, and sacrifice to something that you have believed was your almighty mission, the reason you were put on this planet and had it’s first sign turn out to be a complete “Failure” then you will simply just disagree with what we are relaying here. If you have had this experience, this WOO (Window of opportunity moment) then you will simply connect with what we are relaying through these words on. There are usually a few places that we tend to turn when we are looking to overcome an adversity.

  1. This is a really common place most people look to overcome adversity, prayer! We seem to believe that god is at our beck and call, that he is something of our cosmic bell boy that will run to us when we call. Why is it that most only seem to pray to the almighty when we need something and not to just say hi?
  2. We might turn to that book that shared some valuable and life altering information. Where is that book now? Has it met the same fate as most books, the fate that goes from self help to Shelf Help? We tend to read something that we feel will change our thoughts and beliefs only to loose that pump if you will and retreat back into our single most destructive zone…Our comfort zone.
  3. Those personal development CD’s or DVD’s that promised you a life altering experience and life changing information.

These are all really good places to look to overcome whatever adversities might come your way but they’re only good places to go if you re willing to act, if you re willing to take action on what you have learnt.

There are key elements when we gather information that most people start implementing but never really complete it. If they did, let’s just say that there would be many more people living the life they dream of instead of the life they have.

Please allow us to share four important principals that will help you develop and harness the power of to overcome adversity.

[list type=”arrow teal”] [li] You need to believe in yourself and your dream: This key secret is used almost in all books, cd’s, keynotes, and seminars because it is the biggest part of the adversity connection equation. This internal street light will help you move forward or stop you quicker than any exterior obstacle.
[/li] [li] Understand that you are going to hit walls that seem insurmountable. You will need to dig deep, start to climb, and never look down until you are over the wall.
[/li] [li] Have an action plan. An action plan can be one of your greatest assets.
[/li] [li] Start today and don’t delay. Starting toward your dreams today will make for a better tomorrow.
[/li] [/list]

If you take these four action steps and apply them today, you will see a better tomorrow. Remember that the first step is belief. You are still going to have days where your belief may waiver, when that happens make sure your internal “Little Conversation” ends with you believing in yourself and what you are truly capable of.


Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

<br /> Finding Your Purpose<br />

Do you have a skill? Sure you do! Do you have a knack for something that is unique? Sure you do! Do you have something locked up inside of you that you have always wanted to share? Sure you do!

We all have something that we are either really good at, know well, or even have developed as a part of our everyday life. This “thing” that you have could be just what someone is looking for, just what someone needs to help them in some way shape or form. If that’s the case, why not share it? Why is it that deep inside we feel that these forums, stages, or programs if you will are for the people we consider experts in our world.

Now please don’t get me wrong here. We have experts in every field, these experts like the experts on Little Conversations Today have studied their craft for many years, helped many people, and shared many positive experiences to help people.

What’s stopping you from doing the same? Now granted it might not be in the personal development field, however, there is a field for what your true purpose, true desire, or true beliefs revolve around. What is that in you? How can we find our true passion? These my friend are AMAZING questions that deserve answers.

Grab a piece of paper and answer the following questions in as much detail as possible.

[list type=”arrow teal”] [li] What are you good at and have been good at your entire life?
[/li] [li] Does any of those gifts or talents stand out to you?
[/li] [li] The one that your eye keeps coming back to, does it excite you?
[/li] [li] Can you write 10 things down for each talents or gifts that you posses that would help others?
[/li] [/list]

When you are answering those questions, please make sure to keep in ind that there are MANY different ways to find your purpose. These four questions and trying to list the 10 ways my gifts or talents will help people is just the way I have found my true purpose and passion so I thought I would share the same method with you?

When you complete the above exercise, please make sure that you chew on the answers for a day or two. After you have chewed on the answers and you start having the glorious thoughts that come with starting to find your true passion and purpose. Make sure to take action on your ideas even if it is just a single simple step.

[bq_right] Inch by inch, any things a cinch

The Road To Amazing Isn’t Always Clear At The Start

<br /> The Road To Amazing Isn’t Always Clear At The Start<br />

Have you ever put so much effort into something only to have it seemingly blow up in your face?

This question we ask quite a few people, we ask experts through our Three Feet From Gold Interviews, we ask family members, friends, and even people that have written us asking for help. It all seems to make such great sense does it not? Well in essence it sure does, find that nice beautiful “Gold Nugget” Inside every adversity right?

Well this post is all about that but it is about something even deeper. I read Josh Hind’s bok recently, you can actually check out the book review on it HERE if you wish. Josh HInds It's Your Life LIVE BIG Book CoverIn lesson 7 Josh shares a vital ingredient in all adversity, this ingredient is pretty simple but so often overlooked. Before we get to that principal, I would like to share a quick story with you.

Just last week Josh and I got on a video call to record his expert interview scheduled to launch on November 18th. Our interview was filled with excitement, joy, I know it is what everyone says but AWESOME content and it was jam packed with everything you love. So as we completed the interview, I knew that it would be at least a week before I would be able to get to the editing portion (I was coding the members area for all of ya!) Not a member yet, click HERE so as we stood on November 6th 2012, I was just getting to the editing portion of Josh’s interview. I have to tell you I was really excited to see the video as I used this new recording device that had proven to be amazing for all our radio shows, the audio was superb in every call.

Here in lies the adversity! I went to look at the specs of the video and it was recorded at 10FPS. What? Now for all of you who work in video or have dipped into it at some point, you will know that 10 FPS is not a very high frame rate at all. Out expert videos are recored and produced between 25 and 29.97 FPS. Needless to say and so as not to go into some pretty “Geeky” stuff. The videos were pretty much useless.

[bq_left] The challenge is that in order to benefit from the lesson adversity has in store for us, we must first be willing to accept there’s a lesson in the first place -Josh Hinds –

I had to do that you would never really want to do. I had to call Josh and explain that I didn’t do my proper homework and I was not as prepared as I thought I was. Next was to ask for him to once again take time out of his busy schedule to record another expert interview. As the gentalman he is, it was no issue. Which brings us full circle to the point behind this post. During our conversation, I had said to Josh that I believed it was a useless piece of video and he asked how the audio was. “Well it is really good” I said.Josh then came up with thsi idea. Below is segments of our interview for you to listen to.

What an amazing idea, see in everything, EVERYTHING that happens to us, there is always an opposite. Napoleon Hill and Josh Hinds are both right. Mr. Hill said that “With every adversity is planted the seed of an equal or greater benefit” Josh Hinds said “The challenge is that in order to benefit from the lesson adversity has in store for us, we must first be willing to accept there’s a lesson in the first place”, both of these statements will go down officially into history.

Please enjoy these Audio recordings of the interview that went from Horrible to amazing in 5:34 Minutes (That was the length of the call with Josh)


[two type="separate"] Josh Hinds Interview Thumbnail

Definition Of Success

In this audio recording, Josh Hinds shares what is most likely the biggest element ni reaching what you determine to be success. Even though it is the most important element, it is the element that most overlook and under appreciate. That element is: What's YOUR definition of success? Is your definition YOURS and yours alone or are you trying to live someone else's "Success Definition"?


[/two] [two_last type="separate"] Josh Hinds Interview Thumbnail

The Evolution Of Success

Josh likes to this as success begets success and he is so right. Success does not have tobe monumental, your success points along your route to your ultimate goal will help you expand and grow. Our opportunity to choose are beautiful and monumental moments.



[two type="separate"] Josh Hinds Interview Thumbnail

Belief In The Underlined Gold Nugget

Napoleon Hill said in his historic book Think And Grow Rich "With EVERY adversity is planted the seed of an equal or greater benefit" You will be very hard pressed tro find anyone that thinks positively to say Mr. Hill is totally wrong. There is a big but here, it is that YOU have to believe there are these seeds of an equal or greater benefit in every adversity or else, are you going to find something that you don't believe is there?


[/two] [two_last type="separate"] Josh Hinds Interview Thumbnail

The Work Around

You have heard the saying about the 100 ways to skin a cat right? Well this is nothing about that although it is about working around obstacles by thinking possibility thoughts, brainstorming, and believing in the single most important person in the world...YOU..Oh ya and YES I did call it a "Walk Around" Not a work around when I was asking Josh. So I already know I messed up! JOY!!



Implementing Information In Books

Implementing Information In Books

How can we turn the information we read into life changing paradigms?

Use the information in books to better your life

[dropcap_5]B[/dropcap_5]ooks are packed with information that if applied in the manner in which the author intended it to be applied, you would be following the precise structure they did to get where they are. So why is it that the typical place for books is on someone’s book shelf and not beside them at all times and used somewhat as a life manual?

We have posted blogs before about this topic but today, I would like to share with you a realization I had as I was reading an amazing book by Bob Burg and John David Mann called The Go-Giver Sells More.

Go Govers Sell more Book

Yesterday during a conversation with Bob Burg, we discussed this exact issue that faces most of the population and he suggested that I read Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz (So Keep an Eye out for that blog and book review)

The conversation started just like this. Bob, you have sold over 200,000 copies of the book that inspired Go Givers Sell More, called The Go-Giver (see the Little Conversations Today book review of the Go-Giver HERE and the question that i had was why is there not 200,000 new people using this life changing information to create the life they want. This question goes way beyond both Bob and I, it goes way beyond any personal development or life coach you have ever or will ever meet. This question can spark a more heated conversation that most political debates!

WHY?, why would this conversation be a hard one to have. If we can take responsibility for our actions and really that’s what we have to do, then why can’t we take responsibility for reading a good book, getting a great “pump” if you will out of it, telling ourselves and possibly family members we are going to change our lives, and then using all this glorious information for a week and then reverting back into our life of “The Usual”.

The shame is that this “Life of the usual” is most likely one that you don’t really care for, that you really would like to change. So as we step forward into the realm of challenging ourselves to change. my belief is that we need to try to keep these three key points at the fornt of our minds, they can help you stay out in the challenge zone instead of retreating back into “The Comfort Zone”.


[list type="arrow blue"] [li]

Realize before you even try to implement this new found information, it is going to be different. This change can be the biggest change you have ever had to face in life. It can take you to places emotionally that you have never been, it can create fear like you have never experienced, and it can be the best thing you have EVER done in your life. Why? Well, when you break the bond of normal and reach for the stars, you will develop a new found fire that will carry you anywhere you want to go.

[/li] [li]

Take note that as you progress on this new journey, you will start to see things differently. This does not mean that you are any better than anyone else, all it means is that your thoughts, feelings, and actions toward many situations, or people in your life can and most likely will change.

[/li] [li]

This new attitude, this new belief, this new composition of your thoughts, feelings, and actions are not just something you can practice today and expect tomorrow to have a complete turn around in your life. We have said many times "Make a decision today, to change your tomorrow." This does not meant hat you are going to wake up and everything on the outside will have changed. What this means is that the irrevocable decision you make today (As long as it is irrevocable and not just a "well alright I will give it a try" decision) will change your tomorrow. The power of a decision can do so much for you, it is uncanny.


The beautiful thing about a book is that when you read it, you can take what applies to you in your life. What information are you going to pull out of that book you are reading now? If you aren't reading a book, I would suggest that you get one and start. Take the information that you feel you connect with. There have been many books that I felt I didn't connect with, does that mena they are bad books? No not at all. All that means is that at this point in my life I am either on a plane of understanding above or below that particular book.

Being on a different plane of understanding is not a bad thin either. Think of it like this, as we learn our understanding and thought process changes. Have you ever read a book for the second time and found amazing story lines or information that you swear wasn't in there the first time?Matrix Movie Poster
What about seeing a movie like The Matrix? I remember the first time I saw that movie, I loved the story and how inside the Matrix all you had to do was believe and you coud do anything. Watching Neo go through his training and the moment when he started to believe in what he was truly capable of. The second time I watched it I saw so many different things that I could have sworn were never there the first time I saw the movie.

Just a few weeks ago I had finished Sylvia Lafair's book called Don't Bring It To Work.Sylvi lafair's Book Don't Bring It To Work
She describes a scene in the Matrix when Mr. Andersen is in his bosses office after the night out on the town following the ole white rabbit. that completely changed my understanding and perspective of that scene. I saw it as something totally the opposite as she described it but after watching that scene again but operating with a different understanding, I now realize that she described the scene perfectly.

[bq_left] Make a decision today to change your tomorrow!
Dan Deigan

What Lights Peoples Sparks

What Lights Peoples Sparks

What Ignites That Spark? That spark that forces us to make an irrevocable decision

Does Adversity Light That Internal Spark?

[dropcap_5]H[/dropcap_5]ave you ever stopped and thought about what ignites that internal spark? If you have had your internal spark lit and if so, what was the trigger? What created that decision in your mind to make that paradigm shift? I mean if you look at athletes in the strength and human performance field, most have had this spark ignited inside of them from seem sort of adversity.

Ignit that spark blog pic

The majority of professional body builders claim their spark was light due to the pecking order if you will. They say that they were scrawny little kids at the age of 13 or so and they were picked on by bigger kids, so they started lifting weights to get bigger and feel more secure to defend themselves when the school bullies came looking for them.

Many people have their spark light with an adversity such as severe health problems, a death in the family, The feeling of a close call (Life or death scenario), Divorce, or even the loss of a job.

So these adversities take us to another level that we possibly were not prepared to reach before. It also takes us on another path that most of the time will be a better place for both everyone around you and yourself of course.

But why do we usually wait for something that is so negative like being bullied because you are skinny or having a doctor tell you it is a life or death deal, you either start taking care of yourself and get into shape or you will have a stroke and die. It is mind boggling how we wait until something so devastating sparks that change inside.

[bq_left] Change before you have to. Jack Welch
[/bq_left] As the ogre said in Shrek: Change is good Donkey, change is good.

When our internal sparks are lit and we start operating inspirit instead of with our ego, two things happen that can transcend us beyond where we thought we could ever go.

[list type=”arrow blue] [li] Our thoughts break their bonds
[/li] [li] Our mind transcends limitations
[/li] [/list]

When our thoughts break their bonds, we push through all the mental adversities we come in contact with. We believe in what we are doing and believe we can accomplish them without issue.

When our mind transcends limitations, we start to operate on a different plane of understanding, we start to connect with patens that you will have never seen before. Our mind takes over and new ideas, inspirations, people, and circumstance start to flourish around you.

[bq_right] Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.
Tony Robbins

Start this progression today, don’t wait for adversity to hit before you make that irrevocable decision to make a beneficial change in your life. Enjoy every precious moment, make the decision to do so today.

An Amazing Adversity Story About A Hero In His Field And His Massive Adversity

An Amazing Adversity Story About A Hero In His Field And His Massive Adversity

An Amazing Adversity Story About A Hero In His Field And His Massive Adversity

[dropcap_2]L[/dropcap_2]iving in Quebec most of my life and being born in Ontario, I guess some would say that it is natural for me to “love” snowmobiling right? I mean the joke has always and I believe still is that we live in igloo’s up here in the ole Great White North right?

Snow Storm

Maybe so I guess if you believe in those Urban Legends. Now speaking of legends, this blog is going to focus on a legend that most of you will have never heard of. If you have Well then… You are a “Sledneck” just like Christine and I are. Even though at this point our weekends and extra time is taken up by our children and their social lives, extra curricular activities, and their School work. None the less we still are “Slednecks” to the bone!

I guess first off, what is a Sledneck? A Sledneck is a group of people that ride snowmobiles to the ultimate EXTREEM. Not just the extreem, we mean it when we say the ULTIMATE Extreem. Have a look here at a video from You Tube.

Now that is extreem snowmobiling!
This is also where our story of overcoming adversity begins!

[dropcap_2]H[/dropcap_2]ere is another accomplishment above and beyond what you saw in the video on Paul Thacker. Paul holds the world record for the longest snowmobile jump, he flew over 300 feet from ramp to ramp. He is an icon in the snowmobiling world, he is fearless AND he is also now overcoming one of the biggest adversities anyone of us can face. Here is the video of his world record jump.

On November 18th 2010, Paul was practcing for the upcoming season when he had an accient. Read the whole story Here. Paul now has no feeling from the chest down, he is now facing the biggest and most challenging moment in his life. What is it that takes us from the top of the world down into a place where you need to choose to either create a legacy of fall away into the darkness? My personal belief is “A Decision”.

[bq_left] Hello all! Its PT checkin in! Wow things are crazy as usual! I have been traveling all over. I have been doing physical therapy daily and rehab like you read about! Things are really going well. Things are improving and I am doing my best not to let this injury slow me down one bit.

To the left is a segment of a post that Paul added to his blog. (Check Out Paul’s Blog Here).

If you have had or especially if you have yourself been through anything like this. No one can really every even begin to imagine the feelings and emotions that would shoot through you like a lightning bolt. To one day have full use of your body, then the next not is something above and beyond anyone’s imagination unless you are living it. There are two roads you can take if you hit a trajectory point in life such as this.

One road can lead to great things such as helping others believe in themselves, achieve their dreams, understand how they too can overcoem the adversity they face, and give people JOY, Inspiration, excitement, and mos tof all belief.

Then there is a second road you can take, this is the road to defeat, the road to darkness, the road to a place, I believe, none if us really want to go. So you can:


[list type="arrow teal"] [li] You can choose to be defeated, to lay down and let what ever is going to happen happen.[/li] [li] You can begin a new chapter (As difficult as it will be), you can start creating YOUR legacy to leave with the world [/li] [/list]


Paul Thacker has taken the road less traveled, the road to leaving not only his legacy in the snowmobile industry but his new and even more profound legacy.

The legacy of not letting an accident control his life

Paul knows he is the CEO fo his life and he has made an irrevocable decision to help others and be their inspiration. Today Paul is on the road with Ekso Bionics sharing his story and providing hope, inspiration, and most of all belief that you too can overcome


adversity that hits you, with everyone he meets. You can see all that Paul is doing on his site Here

Are You Shy

Are You Shy

“Many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them could not stand being laughed at.” – Author Unknown

Psychologist Jonathan Creek of Wellesley College says that “situational shyness, such as feeling shy around a new co-worker or person of the opposite sex to whom we’re attracted to, can help to facilitate cooperative living; it inhibits behaviors that are socially unacceptable.” In this case, shyness can be a good thing; it prevents us from making fools of ourselves, or from hurting others’ feelings.

Are you afraid to take a risk? Perhaps you always anticipate the worst and fearing the outcome; you avoid the pain by avoiding the situation altogether. It could be simply fear of the unknown. Sometimes a single bad experience can grow into a habit as you continue to choose to flee or avoid any situation in which you feel uncertain.

The shy person can actually handicap themselves with negative thoughts and wind up using their shyness as a crutch and an excuse for not pursuing more social occasions, “I can’t handle these kinds of situations because I’m so shy.” Of course the more they tell themselves things like this, the harder it becomes to socialize, make friends, and establish relationships, both personal and professional. It becomes a self-defeating behavior.

Rather than dwell on the negative part of being shy, try seeing yourself in a more positive way. Shy people are less likely to gossip or brag; they are generally not overbearing or pushy, and definitely not aggressive or antagonistic. Once the shy person makes a friend, they are very loyal and dependable. They are more discreet than the more outgoing kind of personality. They tend to be much less controlling in most circumstances, and very willing to let others do what they want.

Let’s face it, some people are born talkers who can get along with just about anyone and everyone, and some people are not. More evidence is showing shyness to be an inborn trait or distinguishing quality. Shy people have difficulty making conversation and become very nervous when they feel they have to be congenial with strangers; they simply do not know what to say.

So, ask yourself these questions:

• Does the thought of meeting new people make you uneasy?

• Do you find it a struggle to come up with something to say to new acquaintances?

• Do you sometimes become tongue-tied around strangers?

• Do you avoid social gatherings where you’re certain to get left on your own?

• Do you have trouble speaking in large groups?

• Do you have trouble making eye contact when meeting someone new?

• Do you find it difficult to make new friends?

• Does talking to a member of the opposite sex make you nervous?

• Is dating nerve wracking to you?

• Are you at a loss for a retort when someone makes a wisecrack at your expense?

• When people take advantage of you, do you find it difficult to be assertive with them?

• Do you have trouble saying no to people?

• Do you fail to take compliments graciously?

Do you think you’re shy?

The Power Of Habit

The Power Of Habit

The Power Of Habit And it’s Effects On Us

How Much Of A Role Does Habit Play In Our Lives

An interesting question raised to the forefront of my mind last week when something very interesting happened. As I stood outside my house, the day was like any other really, except a mini van drove by and as it stopped, an old neighbour that have moved some two weeks earlier rolled down his window.

Of course I said the usual “Hello” thinking that it was really nice of him to drive by and say hi! But did he? NO he actually stopped to laugh with me about this being the 10th time he had drove by his old house simply out of habit. He had been driving the same route to and from work for so many years he had programmed his mind to simply go on auto pilot, to drive to that house. Funny isn’t it? Funny how we can input something so far into our subconscious that even the excitement of owning a new house does not overpower the habit that we have ingrained. Has this ever happened to you? Now of course it might be a different situation all together.

How Habits Control Us Image

I mean we have all been there right? We’ve all been behind the wheel of our car driving somewhere, myself it used to happen all the time on the way to and from work. I had about an hour and a quarter driver to and from work everyday. Most days I would all of a sudden pull into the office parking lot and I would stop and think… How Did I Get Here? never really giving any thought to the lights, speed, traffic, or pretty much anything else. I just seemed to be on Auto Pilot. So if we do it with these pretty crucial things like hhhmmm, let me think DRIVING YOUR VEHICLE

It brings up some BIG question does it not? Like:

  • What beliefs about adversity are we making into habits?
  • What are we driving into our subconscious mind that is hindering our growth, our life, or our family?
  • What negative thoughts are we drilling into the abyss of “I can’t do that”

These questions have to be addressed, could they be what is holding you back from really going after what you want? Are they key factors in the adversity that always seems to hit you? These questions can spawn so many others that the list will just keep going on and no and on.

  • So what’s the solution?
  • What do we need to do first to start down the road to achieving OUR goals?
  • How do we overcome these internal forces that always seem to control our thoughts and feed us with the:

“I can’t do that because I don’t have the skill, time, finances, health, youth, or knowledge!”

Here ar a few key steps you can start walking today that will bring you to a brighter tomorrow.

  1. Understand that these thoughts do exist and when they come out during those “Little Conversations” you have with yourself. Create a trigger to eliminate them. I use “Switch” I simply yell …SWITCH…. in my mind to clear it. It works like a charm for me.
  2. Create a daily routine where you add new and vibrant ideas into your mind about what you are truly capable of. Start a journal of these amazing things, I personall do one in the morning and before I go to bed. I once heard from Jack Canfield that writing these wonderful thoughts and feelings out before you go to bed allows the “Interweb” (Your internal internet service) to work on them as you sleep. SO you mind has already started to work on the solutions, people, and situations to help you solve your adversity.
  3. And Finally, take ACTION I you want to ease the negative thoughts that come into your mind that have been place dthere through habit or any other way for that matter. YOU,/strong> and only you have the ability to beat it.

Motion Creates Emotion

Re-Evaluating Your Plan Again And Again

Re-Evaluating Your Plan Again And Again

Re-Evaluating Your Plan Is Key

The other day I was listening to an interview I had already listened to about 100 times or so. It was an interview with Howard Schultz (He is the CEO of Starbucks), he was being interviewed by Brian Biro on a radio show called The Unstoppable Spirit. during this interview one thing popped out at me that I had heard before, thought about before, but never really paid attention to.

Brian and Howard were discussing success and what made Starbucks the success they are today, his answers were amazing he said of course one was hard work, a little luck, and the last one was very interesting and is the topic of this blog. Re-Evaluating yourself and your plan all the time. Mr. Schultz said

Keep Reinventing yourself, even when you are hitting home runs.

Now if you truly think about that statement by Mr. Schultz, it is so profound that we should really explore it. Howard Schultz Picture Why should we be reinventing ourselves even if we are hitting home runs? Well the first thought that comes to mind is What we are doing today will be the past tomorrow!

What we did last year, the way we did it is already useless is it not? Lets look at it another way shall we. If we create an action plan, step out on the ledge, build that big beautiful picture, and make a Decision that we are going to go after it. What next? Well action of course right? but what if we succeed? do we stop and think of why we succeeded?

Most of us don’t we just say

Hey that was great i did it and man does that feel good!

But why did it work? What was the main point or part of the master plan that created that success in the first place? What can we do again to ensure the same outcome? How can I start implementing this part of the plan into other stages of my life and see what that does? But most of all, how can I keep reinventing myslef to stay ahead of change and be a leader in my industry? How do I

Keep Reinventing yourself, even when you are hitting home runs.

Great question, with a great question comes a great answer!

Keep re-evaluating your plan, when you find success dissect it just as you would when you meet temporary defeat. It is said that you should even dissect it more when you reach success to enable you to truly find that gold nugget inside that part of the master plan. Break it down the the smallest part and keep that lesson to use on other projects and dreams.

Will they work? Maybe, maybe not but at least you now have a great starting point on your next project and if that part does not work. You can rest assured that it is not any kind of failure at all it was simply just a piece of the puzzle that didn’t belong in this project. Why? well because it has already proven that it works so it is the right piece of the puzzle it just might belong to another style of puzzle is all.

Keep Reinventing Yourself, Even When You Are Hitting Home Runs

Stepping Out On The Ledge

Stepping Out On The Ledge

If you’re not living on the edge, You’re taking up too much space

If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space

To achieve our vision, dreams, aspirations, and goals, we need to stand where most never go. That is out on the ledge, we need to put ourselves out there and step out of our comfort zone into the challenge zone.

Being in the challenge zone allows you t grow and develop in ways that you never thought were possible. There are two way to operate in this universe one is creating and one is disintegrating, what path would you want to walk? Down the path of creation I am sure, we all would.

In order to achieve your vision, your big dream, or your massive aspiration, you need to step out on a ledge and take chances. There is no other way to go about it. That ledge can create obstacles that you have never encountered before, as well as create a view to see the path you need to take.

Step out on the ledge with all the other people who changed the lives of so many people. This will help you not only lead the pack but grow in the process.

Grow today for a better tomorrow

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