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Changing Our Most Impressed Thoughts Into Limitless Beliefs

Changing How We Think To Overcome Fears And Challenges

Changing our thought process seems to be this ongoing event in most people’s lives, that is until they decide that its just to difficult or that the timeline doesn’t work with their schedule. This has been an ongoing search for us at Little Conversations Today. We have interviewed over 150 experts to date and asked similar questions to find you, our valued readers and followers the answer.

We have had many ideas and a mix of them all is essential to truly connect with everyone. No single thought leader will connect with everyone (No brainier right?), however, when you hear that thought leader that connects with you on a higher vibration, you my friend have found the person to follow and learn from.

Over the last few weeks, we have been meditating and praying about this same thing. We too have been seeing more and more negative thoughts arise about the possibilities of LCT. See we are hitting another level with Little Conversations Today and this level once again requires us to step outside our comfort zone. The funny thing is that three years ago when we established LCT, the comfort zone we now experience was in fact our challenge zone. Interesting isn’t it?

This idea or vibration has been running in the same sequence since you were born, if you truly think, critically think as Randy Gage shares in this expert interview (Click Here). We need to think back to times when we were sitting just on the Edge Of Uncertainty (Dennis Merritt Jones’ Video About that here)  where we are leaving our comfort zone into the challenge zone, that soon becomes out new comfort zone. So if wee have been doing this all of our lives, why is it not a habit that take little to zero thinking to do? ALAS!!! The question prevails! Why? Well:

  • We don’t do it often enough (Step outside our comfort zones)
  • We allow outside fears, people, and situations to cloud our thoughts
  • We have not allowed the limitless thoughts to take form in our minds

Here is a video we have put together after listening to a remarkable audio form Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz within their Go For No program. Enjoy this week’s LCT TV Episode.






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Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.
- Napoleon Hill