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Energizing Ourselves To Pursue Our Dreams

We all need to energize ourselves to pursue our dreams

“Our little conversations can destroy our energy needed to pursue our dreams. The trick is perspective!”

So there you are, holding your hands up in the air with a feeling of total euphoria, the world is now your playground, you now see life in a clearer perspective, you’re going to ROCK IT. Why? You’ve just given birth to the most amazing idea you’ve ever had. This idea is right in line with those dreams and desires. It’s the idea that you’ve had at the back of your mind growing, knocking on the door of your consciousness, asking to be released into this world.

At first glance, you’re unstoppable. This idea is going to change your life and the life of so many other people. For the next few weeks, you’re hard at work formulating, researching, reading, and compiling all of the creative material needed to complete this magnificent dream.

Then… It happens… You allow a little conversation about impossibilities, about a lack of any kind you have, about your past failures, about why this amazing idea just simply can’t happen. Then over the next few weeks, you do very little, you find your motivation decreasing, your energy draining, and your brilliance diminishing.

What is this reverse in energy, motivation, and drive? It is simply a shift in perception. I was listening to my copy of Napoleon Hill’s The Philosophy Of Personal Achievement. In it, he discusses before a live audience, how we need to keep our mind so busy with the glorious side of our dreams. The side that lets us know how many people we’re going to help, the abundance, we’re going to receive, the unlimited service we’re going to render, and the joy that it will bring us when we do.

When we keep our mind filled with these ideas, there’s no room for the negative. So in essence, if you’re having these ill thoughts and feel that lack of desire to achieve your dream. You just need a change in perspective.

In his book The Motivation Manifesto Brendon Burchard says

By deeply contemplating higher aims, we energize ourselves to pursue them.

Brendon shares another great truth when it comes to the Little Conversations we have during our “quiet times”. Usually (meaning most of the time) when we lack motivation for the continued pursuit of our dreams, we don’t believe that we’ll realize our dream. We lack the expectancy to achieve our desires. This all stems from a little conversation we have with ourselves about not being able to accomplish our hearts desire.

Doesn’t this sound so silly? So immature? YES, scream it at the top of your lungs right now… I WILL NOT LET ME TALK MYSELF OUT OF LIVING MY DREAM!.

Everyone that has ever achieved heights of true greatness has experienced a little conversation that told them they couldn’t do it. Have experienced times of what feels like a depression. Have experienced times of deflation, doubt, distraction, and even disconnection to their dream. The trick that they use and the trick that you will need to use is a perspective shift.

Changing your perspective will be easier for some than others, your perspective is just a view you have of any given situation. You’ve heard things like “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. This is so true, how can you look at your challenge from a different angle? How can you find the gold nugget in every challenge? Does this situation help you prove your philosophy? Will it be great content to share on stage of in a group that might help others shift their thinking?

Ask yourself this: What will my dream provide the world, my family, my life, my legacy?. Sit down and write for a minimum of 10 minutes. Answer this question, then you’ll find all the motivation you’ll need.

Joy to you in every precious moment!




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