Conversations That Create Trajectory Moments

From An Idea To A Chance To Help Hundreds Of Thousands People

From Idea, To Paper, To Reality: This Stuff Really Works!

So here we were sitting in bed on November 28th. Thinking about what we could do for our visitors, subscribers, and clients that would speak so loud to our message.

goal-blogThen it hit us! Why not gather say 10 experts to join us on somewhat of a top 10 gratitude and revolution talk throughout this holiday season. Then the idea that is now being but into affect…. Well if we are going to get 10, why not get 20? Right? I mean why not, if we are going to dream, dream big! So we did. We officially have the top 20 and we didn’t stop there. Our goal is to have 50,000 people… Yes you read correctly… We want to have 50,000 people the week of December 22nd to December 29th and another 50,000 from the 29th to the 5th of January. 


Why? Why did we set such a “Pie In The Sky” goal? Well that’s easy my friend. If we touch 100,000 people over the next 14 days and they touch even 2 people each with the ideas, techniques, and strategies our experts have so graciously shared. That’s quite a fewpeople on this planet that will start 2014 with gratitude and an unbelievable goal, mission, and vision. Now that’s overcoming adversity!

So is this goal scary? Sure is. Do we sometimes feel that it might not happen? Sure do. Do those “Little Conversations” In our heads sometimes tell us it’s not possible? Sure they do, everyone gets those nasty conversations going on. Are we going to push forth with this goal anyway? SURE ARE!




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Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.
- Napoleon Hill