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Its Your Life Live Big

It's Your Life Live Big Book

Author: Josh Hinds

Year Published: 2012

Average Cost: $9.33 to $11.35

Title: It’s Your Life LIVE BIG

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Title: It’s Your Life LIVE BIG

I have had the pleasure…. No sorry, the honour of reading many books from many of today’s most talented authors. Josh Hinds has to be one of the best; It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG is one of the most incredible books I have read this year. Josh has added some amazing life altering, energetic, motivational, inspirational, and realistic suggestions that anyone who reads it and applies his information into their life will start to LIVE BIG.

The way Mr. Hinds lays out this 164 page book shares some of the best lessons and tools to allow you to make the right choices for yourself to live the life you want. One of the most refreshing parts for me in this book was Josh’s way of explaining success. “However you choose to define what it means to you to be successful and live a life of fulfilment, do yourself, your loved ones, and all those around you a favor and carefully create your own definition.” Create our own definition of success, what a great thing to do. What’s your definition of success?

Josh’s authenticity shines in this amazing handbook of life, he’s outdone himself this time. Be prepared for a remarkable journey and the single piece of advise we can offer is: Take all the action steps Josh lays out at the end of each chapter, they are there for a reason!

Lesson 1: Defining Success
(Defining success. This is the most obvious place to start, and based on the countless numbers of people I work with either through live trainings or one-on-one coaching, it is also the most overlooked step)
Other sections inside this chapter are: How do you measure success?, The Success Journey Starts With You, and It Doesn’t Always Take Money, Honey

Lesson 2: Goal Setting
(Virtually everything you want to achieve, have ever achieved in the past, or will accomplish in the future depends on your ability to keep it in front and center of mind to the point that you will work on it until you meet with success)
Other sections in this chapter are: The Goal Card System, Move Forward Confidently, Keeping The Kinks Out Of Your Goal-Setting Plan, Past Achievements Provide Fuel For Current goals, and Don’t Just Check It off-Mark It Done!

Lesson 3: Visualization
(Have you ever watched athletes just before they take part in an athletic event or competition? I’ve noticed that they close their eyes, seem to take a breath, and then are still for a moment.)
Other sections in this chapter are: Fuel To Achieve Your Wildest Dreams And Aspirations, Effective Visualization, Mental Movies To Start Your Day, and A Brand New Day,

Lesson 4: Persistance
(It’s true that sometimes the success journey is boring. It’s the commitment to keep working on those seemingly unimportant activities, those often small steps that ultimately lead us to achieving our larger plan)
Other sections in this chapter are: Applying The Broken Window Theory, The Magic Question, The Law Of Diminishing Intent, and Choose Purpose Over Chance

Lesson 5: Learning Tp Adapt
(When I refer to a work-around, I’m talking about the idea that while the initial path or idea might appear out of reach or unattainable, there is a way to make it work.)
Other sections in this chapter are: Learning To Adapt To Life Changes, and The Solution Isn’t Always Obvious

Lesson 6: Motivation And Inspiration
(Each of us have our own inner motivators-things that when triggered inspire us to some great action)
Other sections in this chapter are: Build Motivational Muscles, Don’t Cling So Tightly To The Past, Finding Points Of Inspiration, and Laughter, Life’s Great Elixir

Lesson 7: Adversity As A Teacher
(In order to benefit from the lesson adversity has in store for us, we must first be willing to first accept that there’s a lesson in the first place)
Other sections in this chapter are: Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

Lesson 8: The Power Of Encouragement
(One of the simplest ways I know to make a positive impact is to adopt the role of people builder and encourager)
Other sections in this chapter are: Your Good Deeds Return To You, The Multiplying Power Of Encouragement, The Unseen Benefits Of Doing Good, and Creating Your Own Luck

Lesson 9: Action
(Begin at least to some degree, as quickly as possible-even if you don’t have all the specifics out exactly right to begin with.)
Other sections in this chapter are: Get Over The Part Of You That Says, “No I Can’t”, Action Fuels Achievement, Action Trumps Planning Every Time, Ready-Fire-Aim, and Wiggle Room And Wrong Turns

Lesson 10: Self-Confidence
(The reality is that if you knew just how special you were and how much greatness went into making you the unique person that you are, I’m convinced you’d immediately know that nothing can truly keep you from achieving what you want in life.)
Other sections in this chapter are: Ambition, Developing Your Abilities, Hold On Tight To Your Integrity, and On Being A Born Leader

Lesson 11: Gratitude
(Gratitude is a source of fuel to move you forward during the difficult times.)
Other sections in this chapter are: Fuel For Your Success Journey, The Keys To Staying Happy, Fulfilled, And On Target Are:, and The Paradox Of Giving And Receiving

Lesson 12: The Power Of Kindness
(Pay it forward instead of paying it back thereby spreading the kindness and goodwill to more people.)
Other sections in this chapter are: Acts Of Kindness Blossom, and Customer Service Skills-Kindness In Action

Lesson 13: The Power Of Thoughts
(No matter how much of an overall positive person I am, I still have my down times. I call it being human.)
Other sections in this chapter are: Do You See The Positive Side Of Things?, Thoughts Become Things…They Really Do!, You Attract What You Focus On, and Take Command Of Your Thouhgts

Lesson 14: Learning From Others
(Developing and cultivating strong mentor relationships and peer groups will move you forward in life)
Other sections in this chapter are: Entrepreneurial Thinking-An Essential Skill Set, Customer Appreciation, Increased Value As A Professional, A Proud Uncle, Entrepreneurship, And Nickel Bookmarks, Keys From Studying Great Achievers, The Importance Of Asking, Your Dreams Are Yours For The Taking, Check Your Comfort Zone At The Door, and Give Your Dreams Substance

Lesson 15: Lead The Field
(Having knowledge places you above others who just go to work to put in the time and bring home a paycheque.)
Other sections in this chapter are: Develop Your Skills, Balance Your Strengths And Areas Of Improvement, Productivity-All Tasks Are Not Created Equal, and Achieve Big Results Using Simple Systems

Lesson 16: How To Build Win-Win Relationships
(Stop and think for a moment. Take yesterday for instance; did you miss any opportunities to add the personal touch to an aspect of your day?)
Other sections in this chapter are: Life Is A Journey, Live It!, and Do What You Say-An All Important Key To Getting Ahead

Lesson 1=7: Celebrating Success
(There’s great personal power that comes from celebrating both larger achievements as well as the small successes that we experience in our lives.)
Other sections in this chapter are: Life Is A Numbers Game-Embrace It!, and Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

Doors to a greater life are behind the pages of It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG. Above is just a snippet of the information and lessons that Josh shares. The LIVE BIG action steps at the end of each chapter are realistic steps to better your life.

Decide today to change your tomorrow, apply Josh’s LIVE BIG lessons and techniques!

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