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Joachim De Posada Don’t Eat The Marshmallow Series

Joachim De Posada | Don’t Eat The Marshmallow Series


This series is a little different than the usual expert pages, this series is meant to be watched from the top to the bottom. Please watch all three of these remarkable videos to get the full exposure.


[genericbox color=””]In this video, Joachim shares what the “Don’t Eat The Marshmallow Yet” is all about. THis video will lead you into the next two videos.[/genericbox]



[genericbox color=””]In this video, Joachim discusses the five steps of the Marshmallow Principal. Learning and applying these five steps will lead us right into the next video[/genericbox]



[genericbox color=””]In this video,  Joachim discusses the Marshmallow Principals real life application. This application is the cornerstone of changing your paradigm about delayed gratification. [/genericbox]




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