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Re-Evaluating Your Plan Again And Again

Re-Evaluating Your Plan Is Key

The other day I was listening to an interview I had already listened to about 100 times or so. It was an interview with Howard Schultz (He is the CEO of Starbucks), he was being interviewed by Brian Biro on a radio show called The Unstoppable Spirit. during this interview one thing popped out at me that I had heard before, thought about before, but never really paid attention to.

Brian and Howard were discussing success and what made Starbucks the success they are today, his answers were amazing he said of course one was hard work, a little luck, and the last one was very interesting and is the topic of this blog. Re-Evaluating yourself and your plan all the time. Mr. Schultz said

Keep Reinventing yourself, even when you are hitting home runs.

Now if you truly think about that statement by Mr. Schultz, it is so profound that we should really explore it. Howard Schultz Picture Why should we be reinventing ourselves even if we are hitting home runs? Well the first thought that comes to mind is What we are doing today will be the past tomorrow!

What we did last year, the way we did it is already useless is it not? Lets look at it another way shall we. If we create an action plan, step out on the ledge, build that big beautiful picture, and make a Decision that we are going to go after it. What next? Well action of course right? but what if we succeed? do we stop and think of why we succeeded?

Most of us don’t we just say

Hey that was great i did it and man does that feel good!

But why did it work? What was the main point or part of the master plan that created that success in the first place? What can we do again to ensure the same outcome? How can I start implementing this part of the plan into other stages of my life and see what that does? But most of all, how can I keep reinventing myslef to stay ahead of change and be a leader in my industry? How do I

Keep Reinventing yourself, even when you are hitting home runs.

Great question, with a great question comes a great answer!

Keep re-evaluating your plan, when you find success dissect it just as you would when you meet temporary defeat. It is said that you should even dissect it more when you reach success to enable you to truly find that gold nugget inside that part of the master plan. Break it down the the smallest part and keep that lesson to use on other projects and dreams.

Will they work? Maybe, maybe not but at least you now have a great starting point on your next project and if that part does not work. You can rest assured that it is not any kind of failure at all it was simply just a piece of the puzzle that didn’t belong in this project. Why? well because it has already proven that it works so it is the right piece of the puzzle it just might belong to another style of puzzle is all.

Keep Reinventing Yourself, Even When You Are Hitting Home Runs



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