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Rene Godefroy’s story is one that moves, touches and inspires. It’s a story about determination and personal accountability. It’s the story about a poor Haitian immigrant living the America Dream.

Although he has risen to the high levels of success as an acclaimed author and keynote speaker, it’s his down-to-earth personality that endears him to those that come across his path. His message is very simple… Change Is A Gift!

Rene defines change for his audiences this way: “Change is innovation crying for attention. It is not a stress generator. It’s how it occurs to us that makes it so.”

Born in a tiny and impoverished village on the Island of Haiti, Rene’s early years were dismal. When he was only nine months old, his mother left him behind hoping she could find a better way to provide for her infant boy. Right after she left, several lethal diseases pounded Rene and vowed to end his existence.

Many of the people in his village wrote him off. They predicted he would not survive. They teased him. They called him names. They called him “kokobay” – A Creole word that means crippled.

A loner in the village, young Rene spent his days on the dirt floor fanning flies off his face. At nights, he would shoe away the mosquitoes while crying for his mother’s presence.

As a child, his toys came from the ocean. The plastic toys that the waves would wash ashore along with the seaweeds are what Rene used to create his little amusement park in the back of the hut he lived in.

It’s where he draws insights and innovative ideas to do more with less. In fact, he reminds us, “The problem with doing more with less is more. The more we have, the more we want. That takes away our power to innovate.”


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