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Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D. is President of Creative Energy Options, Inc. (CEO), a global consulting company that targets and transforms workplace patterns for success.

Dr. Lafair’s programs and executive coaching impact individuals and teams to decrease conflict and increase productivity. Her award winning book, “Don’t Bring It to Work” 2009 (Jossey-Bass), is listed as one of the top 20 books for emerging leaders. Lafair’s research shows that, much as we like to believe that our behavior is
entirely rational and governed by our conscious mind, our thoughts and actions are often driven by the roles we learned in our families as children. And under pressure, we tend to revert to old patterns, often creating workplace drama that diverts attention from the business and undermines productivity.

As a keynote speaker, workshop leader and webinar presenter, Sylvia engages audiences with her natural storytelling ability. She weaves her knowledge about personal relationships and business culture into easily understood messages, using both humor and suspense that leave audiences with information to take back to the office and immediately put into practice.
Dr. Lafair has been quoted in, Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal and has been a guest on various television and radio programs.

Her new book, “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change,” was released in June 2012. She is presently working on a book about diversity in the workplace titled “Different: How Dynamic Leaders Drive Diversity at Work”.

As a noted authority on leadership, an award winning author, and executive coach, her message is unique and timely; her insights universal and relevant. Office drama and politics, human resource issues, absenteeism, and litigation often increase when stress is high in companies.

This is where Dr. Lafair’s unique model becomes vitally important as she teaches managers and teams how to transform ingrained patterns that get in the way of effective collaboration and organizational productivity.


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Check out Sylvia’s book “Don’t Bring It to Work” (available on Amazon)


How can you get to the bottom of workplace behaviors that simply don’t work for you or your organization?
Don’t Bring It to Work explores what happens when patterns originally created to cope with family conflicts are unleashed in the workplace.?This groundbreaking book draws on the success of Sylvia Lafair’s PatternAware program Total Leadership Connections. Throughout the book she shows how to break the cycle of pattern repetition and offers the tools that can turn unhealthy family baggage into creative energy that will foster better workplace associations and career success.
Lafair identifies the thirteen most common patterns that correspond to characters familiar to anyone who has ever worked in an office: Super Achiever, Rebel, Persecutor, Victim, Rescuer, Clown, Martyr, Splitter, Procrastinator, Drama Queen or King, Pleaser, Denier, and Avoider. To help overcome destructive behavior problems, she maps out the three main steps for becoming aware of patterns and finding the way OUT:

* Observe your behavior to discern underlying patterns

* Understand and probe deeper to discover the origins of these patterns

* Transform your behavior by taking action to change

The book includes a wealth of real-life anecdotes and practical, workbook-style exercises that clearly show how anyone can get beyond old, outmoded attempts at conflict resolution and empower themselves to make profound differences both at work and in their personal lives.

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Sylvia’s other book is “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change” (also available on Amazon)


It’s GOOD to be GUTSY! For some of us this is easy, to speak out, take risks, stand at the leading edge of change. For most of us we need a nudge. So, this is a great book to get you started on your path to being GUTSY! You’ll learn to Observe and Understand behaviors that have stood in the way of true collaboration, and Transform into the world of outstanding partnership. From exploring models of being GUTSY, to what it means to have a pink or blue blanket this entertaining book will give you the puzzle pieces to build a GUTSY You!!


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Want a guide for “Don’t Bring It To Work”? Well look no further!


A companion to the award winning book by Sylvia Lafair, PhD, “Don’t Bring It to Work”. This e-book is a daily guide to increase your self-awareness and ability to be a leading force in your workplace. Through a series of 90 exercises to implement over three months, you’ll see changes in the way you relate to others bringing about new successes in your life at work and at home.

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