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Implementing Information In Books

Implementing Information In Books

How can we turn the information we read into life changing paradigms?

Use the information in books to better your life

[dropcap_5]B[/dropcap_5]ooks are packed with information that if applied in the manner in which the author intended it to be applied, you would be following the precise structure they did to get where they are. So why is it that the typical place for books is on someone’s book shelf and not beside them at all times and used somewhat as a life manual?

We have posted blogs before about this topic but today, I would like to share with you a realization I had as I was reading an amazing book by Bob Burg and John David Mann called The Go-Giver Sells More.

Go Govers Sell more Book

Yesterday during a conversation with Bob Burg, we discussed this exact issue that faces most of the population and he suggested that I read Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz (So Keep an Eye out for that blog and book review)

The conversation started just like this. Bob, you have sold over 200,000 copies of the book that inspired Go Givers Sell More, called The Go-Giver (see the Little Conversations Today book review of the Go-Giver HERE and the question that i had was why is there not 200,000 new people using this life changing information to create the life they want. This question goes way beyond both Bob and I, it goes way beyond any personal development or life coach you have ever or will ever meet. This question can spark a more heated conversation that most political debates!

WHY?, why would this conversation be a hard one to have. If we can take responsibility for our actions and really that’s what we have to do, then why can’t we take responsibility for reading a good book, getting a great “pump” if you will out of it, telling ourselves and possibly family members we are going to change our lives, and then using all this glorious information for a week and then reverting back into our life of “The Usual”.

The shame is that this “Life of the usual” is most likely one that you don’t really care for, that you really would like to change. So as we step forward into the realm of challenging ourselves to change. my belief is that we need to try to keep these three key points at the fornt of our minds, they can help you stay out in the challenge zone instead of retreating back into “The Comfort Zone”.


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Realize before you even try to implement this new found information, it is going to be different. This change can be the biggest change you have ever had to face in life. It can take you to places emotionally that you have never been, it can create fear like you have never experienced, and it can be the best thing you have EVER done in your life. Why? Well, when you break the bond of normal and reach for the stars, you will develop a new found fire that will carry you anywhere you want to go.

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Take note that as you progress on this new journey, you will start to see things differently. This does not mean that you are any better than anyone else, all it means is that your thoughts, feelings, and actions toward many situations, or people in your life can and most likely will change.

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This new attitude, this new belief, this new composition of your thoughts, feelings, and actions are not just something you can practice today and expect tomorrow to have a complete turn around in your life. We have said many times "Make a decision today, to change your tomorrow." This does not meant hat you are going to wake up and everything on the outside will have changed. What this means is that the irrevocable decision you make today (As long as it is irrevocable and not just a "well alright I will give it a try" decision) will change your tomorrow. The power of a decision can do so much for you, it is uncanny.


The beautiful thing about a book is that when you read it, you can take what applies to you in your life. What information are you going to pull out of that book you are reading now? If you aren't reading a book, I would suggest that you get one and start. Take the information that you feel you connect with. There have been many books that I felt I didn't connect with, does that mena they are bad books? No not at all. All that means is that at this point in my life I am either on a plane of understanding above or below that particular book.

Being on a different plane of understanding is not a bad thin either. Think of it like this, as we learn our understanding and thought process changes. Have you ever read a book for the second time and found amazing story lines or information that you swear wasn't in there the first time?Matrix Movie Poster
What about seeing a movie like The Matrix? I remember the first time I saw that movie, I loved the story and how inside the Matrix all you had to do was believe and you coud do anything. Watching Neo go through his training and the moment when he started to believe in what he was truly capable of. The second time I watched it I saw so many different things that I could have sworn were never there the first time I saw the movie.

Just a few weeks ago I had finished Sylvia Lafair's book called Don't Bring It To Work.Sylvi lafair's Book Don't Bring It To Work
She describes a scene in the Matrix when Mr. Andersen is in his bosses office after the night out on the town following the ole white rabbit. that completely changed my understanding and perspective of that scene. I saw it as something totally the opposite as she described it but after watching that scene again but operating with a different understanding, I now realize that she described the scene perfectly.

[bq_left] Make a decision today to change your tomorrow!
Dan Deigan

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