Conversations That Create Trajectory Moments

Using The Law Of Attraction Wrong When You Think You’re Using It Right

Of Course I’m Using The Law Of Attraction Right!

Famous last words that took just about three years to realize. This realization (As you will read about below) is over Three Years In The Making!

When we created Little Conversations Today back in 2010 we focused (And still do but with a few adjustments) on helping everyone we touched with ideas, techniques, and strategies to overcome adversity when it hits their lives. The fact that we all face adversity in our lives no matter your status, race, culture, or lifestyle is not up for discussion. It is a part of life, if you are breathing, you have and will continue to face adversity. It is how you respond to these challenges that matters.

On December 18th 2013 while having a call with Belinda Phillips something completely shell shocking arouse. Belinda Phillips is a Theta / Spiritual Healer (Who by the way is just fantastic, we recommend you connect with her if you have blocks in your life!) Do so here.

Belinda said something that started a chain reaction of thoughts, transformations, and the most incredible Ahha! moment. The idea that since we started Little Conversations Today, the focus has been placed on Adversity has actually brought more adversity into our lives than ever before. IT HAS! To quote my kids OMG!…. Revolution time for sure. It took about a minute of thinking and the chain reaction sequence of events set in, we realized what we had to do immediately… 

  • Change In Tag Line
  • Change In The focus Of The Upcoming Radio Show On Voice America Radio (NOT CONTENT JUST THE FOCUS OF ADVERSITY)
  • Change in our thinking

We changed all of these three key areas to now focus on Conversations. Those “Little conversations” we have while we lay in bed trying to fall asleep, driving your car, walking the path to your greatness, or even just in those quiet times of self reflection. All of these moments and thousands more are where our dreams, visions, and aspirations either flourish or die.

These Three seemingly simple changes has spawned a multitude of positive occurrences that we are so grateful for and the most important ones are the education, skills, and thought transformation that has now occurred. The most important thing that we now realize that we never did before is that. This universe doesn’t hear some words that you ask it for but hears others. By us talking about adversity all of the time, we in turn were attracting it into our lives. Everyday we discuss adversity with sometimes 10 people, experts, future experts, friends, and family. When you operate a site that focuses on overcoming something, don’t you spend most of your time discussing that particular thing? Of course you do!

So without realizing it, we have been drawing so much adversity into our lives. What you focus on expands

You become what you think about or in other words: what you focus on grows in your life and from what you take your focus away from diminishes.


Now thats quite a navel tickler isn’t it. The reason I share this is that since we have started helping people all over the world with tips, tools, techniques, and strategies to better their lives and overcome adversity, we were drawing more adversity than we have ever faced into our lives. The entire time this was going on, we thought that it was more of a “As you get closer to your goal, the fight gets fierce” idea. We even wrote a blog post on it! Check it out here: Fierce Fight I mean REALLY! REALLY! Can this be?

SURE CAN my friends, sure can. Be VERY careful about what you think about and the context in how you think about it. Let our experience over the last three years be a massive eye opener to you. Here are some strategies that we have just started implementing this week and already have proven to be quite a powerful set of ideas.

  1. If you feel that what is going on with you at this present moment feels like it’s…  “Not your life”  … Then sit down with a pad and paper and think critically about where your most dominant thoughts lye. Are they on what you don’t want to happen? Or are they like us, on a topic that could hurt your movement and growth?
  2. Contact Belinda, she would love to help in anyway possible! Once again Click HERE to go to Belinda’s site
  3. When you find out your most dominant thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Make sure to eliminate the negative ones that you feel might be hindering your development and abundance.

We hope that this video helps you as much as it helped us creating it. Joy to you in every precious moment my friends!




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