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I was born in Brussels, Belgium. My mum was from Brussels and my Dad grew up in Congo and came back in Belgium when he was 15.
I have had a very happy childhood, I was very good at school and I spent all my free time biking in nature as my parents lived in the suburb of Brussels.
I was, and I still am very imaginative and creative.
When I was 18, I wanted to play on a theatre stage. But my parents didn’t allow me to do so. So I started journalism studies, because I love reading and writing and I am very creative so I thought I would like it, but I didn’t because there were too many constraints for my free spirit.

I then chose to do artistic studies. Why did I choose Fine Arts rather than Theatre, I don’t know, I was guided to and I am very happy I did.
I did 5 years of Fine Arts Studies in Brussels, developing mainly the practices of sculpture and photography.
One of my most burning desire was to meet my soulmate, and indeed I attracted one of my soulmate during those years of studies. In parallel, I have always known I wanted to have children.
It was such a burning desire that less than 2 years after I met my soulmate, our first daughter was born.
Some years later, our second daughter was born for the happiness of all of us and our 2 families.

Today, I live in London where I met my lovely girlfriend and we are living in a beautiful house, my business is blossoming and we are about to create a family. I am happier than ever and I am helping and inspiring many people to create their dream’s life, attracting money, creating the love relationship with their soulmate and building their best health possible.

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