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What Lights Peoples Sparks

What Ignites That Spark? That spark that forces us to make an irrevocable decision

Does Adversity Light That Internal Spark?

[dropcap_5]H[/dropcap_5]ave you ever stopped and thought about what ignites that internal spark? If you have had your internal spark lit and if so, what was the trigger? What created that decision in your mind to make that paradigm shift? I mean if you look at athletes in the strength and human performance field, most have had this spark ignited inside of them from seem sort of adversity.

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The majority of professional body builders claim their spark was light due to the pecking order if you will. They say that they were scrawny little kids at the age of 13 or so and they were picked on by bigger kids, so they started lifting weights to get bigger and feel more secure to defend themselves when the school bullies came looking for them.

Many people have their spark light with an adversity such as severe health problems, a death in the family, The feeling of a close call (Life or death scenario), Divorce, or even the loss of a job.

So these adversities take us to another level that we possibly were not prepared to reach before. It also takes us on another path that most of the time will be a better place for both everyone around you and yourself of course.

But why do we usually wait for something that is so negative like being bullied because you are skinny or having a doctor tell you it is a life or death deal, you either start taking care of yourself and get into shape or you will have a stroke and die. It is mind boggling how we wait until something so devastating sparks that change inside.

[bq_left] Change before you have to. Jack Welch
[/bq_left] As the ogre said in Shrek: Change is good Donkey, change is good.

When our internal sparks are lit and we start operating inspirit instead of with our ego, two things happen that can transcend us beyond where we thought we could ever go.

[list type=”arrow blue] [li] Our thoughts break their bonds
[/li] [li] Our mind transcends limitations
[/li] [/list]

When our thoughts break their bonds, we push through all the mental adversities we come in contact with. We believe in what we are doing and believe we can accomplish them without issue.

When our mind transcends limitations, we start to operate on a different plane of understanding, we start to connect with patens that you will have never seen before. Our mind takes over and new ideas, inspirations, people, and circumstance start to flourish around you.

[bq_right] Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.
Tony Robbins

Start this progression today, don’t wait for adversity to hit before you make that irrevocable decision to make a beneficial change in your life. Enjoy every precious moment, make the decision to do so today.



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