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The Words That You Speak On The Inside Will Eventually Manifest On The Outside

Overcome Your Negative “Little Conversations” Of Fear, Adversity, And Challenge


Have you picked up a copy of Greg S Reid’s new book entitled Stickibility? If not, we suggest you get a copy as soon as you can, in fact GO HERE Greg Reid has written a book that if studied and applied, can truly change your life. Now if you have followed us for a while, read our blogs,a dn watched some of our expert videos. You will know that we believe in books. There is more transformational information sitting on people’s book shelves doing nothing than I would even care to try to figure out. As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. We see books as troughs of water and we are the horses. How many troughs do you have in your reach?

Recently, we had the great pleasure of having a telephone conversation with Greg S Reid. Greg co-authored Three Feet From Gold (The book that essentially started our stickibility-book-blogLittle Conversation Movement) and Greg sent us a copy of his new book entitled Stickibility. This is a trough you are going to want to drink out of everyday! As the second day of reading this book approached, we decided to look back and see how much information we highlighted and pinned out to discuss with Greg when we had our interview and to be completely transparent…. We have no idea here to start. As we approached the end of Chapter 4 we realized that there are 36 tags, over 400 places with highlights, and 40 ideas to bring to life.

So how do you start to choose to discuss something or write a blog like we are doing now on a single topic or sentence of a book of this magnitude? Well, that came to us just as it was supposed to. We started to read page 63 and the idea at the top of the page says it all

You have to protect your mind and how you are responding to your thoughts, because the words you speak on the inside will eventually manifest on the outside

Need we say anymore? No we need not! Our burning desire is to change the “Little Conversations” you have with yourself when you are faced with adversity, challenges, and to help you breakthrough those ideas of lack and limitation. Your inner world does in fact control your outer world, we don’t have to go very far in our research to prove that. So how do we start to progress toward controlling out inner world, our inner “little conversation”?

The first step is what we call the A of the A,B,C,D’s of our Little Conversations.

A: Acknowledge that you in fact do have a dream that you want to accomplish, a burning desire that you want to bring to the world.

  • How: You must write your dream, desire, goal, or what ever you want to call it out on paper: A dream not written down is just a mere wish. 
  • Why: When you write your burning desire down on paper, your world and everything it will expand. When you are writing down you desire, make sure to add in as much detail as possible, be specific, and be positive about it. Use words like: Now that I am, I am so happy and grateful now that, I have, I am, I love it now that, and so on. Using these words in the present tense as if your desire has already been met will create a new perspective in your mind. 
  • When: There is only one time for doing anything and that time is now! Plain and Simple!

B: Believe in your abilities to achieve your hearts desire. Believe in your abilities no matter where your starting point is.

  • You Can Achieve Your Hearts Desires: The thought of doing what it is you want to do would have never entered your mind if you were not able to accomplish it. This you must believe!
  • Belief will create a positive “little conversation” Which will in turn help you achieve your desire. Our minds are the first and last stop for true success
  • Write down your belief statements these will help you on those days where that devil of negativity pops his ugly head. Stopping your disbelief quick will allow you to get back no track in no time. Getting derailed will happen but it’s not about the knockdown, it’s about the get up.

C: Choose to achieve this desire and Choose to believe you can!

  • Something remarkable happens when you make a choice Choices are like this unreal reality check as things become so much easier when you make an irrevocable choice. Remember making a choice should be like burning the ships at sea, there is no going back when it comes to your true burning desire. No matter how rough the going gets, you burnt your ships so there’s no retreat!
  • Reaffirm your choices daily Doing this will help you in the long run to stay on track and not jump in a dingy and try to paddle back home! There is nothing worse than being as sea without a big ship! Do this by witting down why you made this choice: List all of the positives that achieving your burning desire will hold and share them with yourself in a mirror everyday as if they had already happened, just like your Acknowledgement statement!
  • Keep Telling your new story By telling our new story to ourselves, we turn on a new and exciting vibration that manifests from inside out! This vibration will drive your life toward your burning desires.

D: Determination In other words you need STICKIBILITY! 

  • Determination, Perseverance, Stickibility, All create a life long choice of accomplishment. When you first set out toward your hearts desire, you will find that perseverance is tough. When you accomplish one of your goals along the way, the frame in which you see Stickibility, perseverance, or determination will change forever. This is when your contemplation about these steps stops and turns into true belief.
  • The drive in which you hold yourself to will directly drive you toward your desire. Maintaining your push forward no matter what circumstances arise is where true growth takes shape.
  • Your inner world controls your outer world If you have determination inside, the outside will follow!
You have to protect your mind and how you are responding to your thoughts, because the words you speak on the inside will eventually manifest on the outside
It is up to you. You have now just been led to water, are you going to drink? Are you going to drink just today or are you going to hydrate yourself for the rest of your life? The choice is yours. Are you ready to experience the power of perseverance first hand? Are you ready to conquer your fear and stop procrastinating?

Here are a few more drinking spots for you to help you with your journey. We go through just about a book a week so we thought we would share with you the most influential books we have read lately in the hope that they will help you on your journey.


  1. Stickibility
  2. Everything I Know About Success I Learned From Napoleon Hill
  3. You Unstuck
  4. Go For No
  5. Just 2 Choices

If you would like a list of our favourite books, send us an email and we would be happy to share the books and more importantly, the reasons why we enjoyed them so much.






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