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YOU’RE The Obstacle YOUR Dreams Face – Plain And Simple!

YOU’RE The Obstacle YOUR Dreams Face – Plain And Simple!

“When we lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that our true desires can’t happen. We become the only roadblock we need to stay in our comfort zones… Better known as dead zones!”

When it comes to the attainment of our dreams and desires, it is clear that we are our biggest obstacle we need to overcome! Yes, you might be thinking that this post is just like all of the other “Pollyanna” ones out there. The fact is, it’s not!

When you sit back and think of all the “Little Conversations” you have with yourself when you set out on a really big dream. The conversations that go something like…

  • This is going to be really hard.
  • Man, this is going to take a lot of time.
  • I don’t know any of the right people
  • This is going to take a boat load of money

Do you not find it completely absurd that when we look to achieve this idea that has been digging into our minds for the last however many years, our first thoughts are the “reasons” why we CAN’T achieve them? Let’s break down just one of these silly yet, powerful and massively destructive little conversations we have.

This is going to be hard: Let me ask you this… How do you know without a shadow of doubt that this is going to be hard? If you’ve never set out to achieve this particular dream or goal (And I hope this is the case. If you’ve already achieved this goal… Then it’s not really a goal this time around is it?) Then how can you be 100% sure it is going to be so hard?

In my humble opinion, this is one of the most common cop outs of all times, of course it will feel hard… You are growing and stepping out into a new realm of greatness. Let’s think about EVERYTHING of great value you’ve done in the past. All you ladies out there. Was it easy giving birth to your child? Was it easy raising that child? For all you men out there. Was it easy raising your child? Was it easy conceiving that child? (Sorry, had a burst of the funnies there!) really though, these amazing dreams you had as a child of raising a family, came true. Sure, it was a lot of work – Yet, I am willing to bet that you wouldn’t trade it for anything or any amount of money. So then WHY do we think that these dreams that we’ve had kicking around inside of us for years are going to be so hard, we just simply can’t go through with it?

If we really want it, the difficulties seem to disintegrate before our eyes. This is the beauty of desire. When you have a real burning desire to achieve your goal. All these ideas of it being hard, go out the window. Will it still be hard at times, sure it will. However, your perception of “hard” will change. Your conversation will change, then and only then, is when you will break through into the freedom you so greatly deserve.

So when that conversation arises in you, about anything in your life being hard and therefor unattainable. Stop and ask yourself what isn’t hard? Is there really anything on this planet that’s easy? I say no. Some of you might disagree, I encourage you to think of it in a different way. If you believe say coding a website is hard, do you know anyone out there that might know it’s easy? Sure you do, you know that people out there believe it’s easy. Think web developers… So let’s decode this for a second. Is “hard” a perception stance or is “hard” a reality?

I vote, that’s it a perceptual stance. Everything you think is hard, I guarantee there’s someone out there that knows it’s easy.

In his book The Motivation Manifesto, Brendon Burchard says

If we are not responsible for our beliefs and behavior, then someone or something else is- thus, again, we are slaves. And so the great demand is clear: We must become conscious and responsible for our beliefs and behaviors if we are to be free.

In the end, you’re able to sum up all of these false ideas of your not being able to achieve what you truly desire with this:

It all revolves around your perception. If your conversation is negative, change your perception and your conversation will also change!



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