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Don Green is the flagrant American business entrepreneur having built a successful savings bank, a real estate enterprise, and a host of other small and successful businesses in southwestern Virginia prior to his latest career with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

As the Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Don Green has energized the works of the famed author with a host of new books by noted authors demonstrating how the principles of the late Mr. Hill work to advance the individual in network with others around the globe. He has demonstrated unique determination to expand knowledge of Mr. Hill’s motivational work the world over.

But, moreover, Don is a new global social entrepreneur. He has become one of the leading evangelists of entrepreneurial self-help through the proper utilization of Mr. Hill’s Keys to Success and Think and Grow Rich. He is accepting of nontraditional
ideas, change, and foresight tempered and bounded only by positive action. He is a realist with visionary outlook.

Enduring values. A determined work ethic. A positive outlook. Creating opportunities where there were none before. These are the hallmarks of Don Green’s leadership and legacy, and these are the characteristics that make him a worthy selection as the National Leader of the Month for March 2007.

Don is a goal-setter. He calibrates his goals and objectives carefully but routinely works with sound methodology with dedicated fever to achieve success. He appreciates those around him and their goals too. Don seeks to share in the vision of others and help them attain their aspirations in entrepreneurial endeavours if they have potential for positive impact.

Don takes great pride in working with younger adults seeking to better understand the principals of business entrepreneurialism and work ethic. Each year he spends an extended period of his time to assist Central Appalachian college students through scholarships.


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