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Mertileen Mahabeer (Monica) was born in Jamaica, West Indies. She is most passionate about writing and speaking positive and encouraging words. She started writing since she was nine years old and continues to do so. She sometimes feels like a “writing” machine that is unstoppable! Mertileen seizes every opportunity to inspire and motivate others, which happens more spontaneously, due to her countless experiences of overcoming adversities.

Her professional background includes the fields of education, real estate and the insurance industry. She studied at Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica, West Indies. Mertileen is a motivational speaker, poet, song writer, recording artist and soon to be a published author, after a dream of over forty years! She acquired Speaker Training lessons from Les Brown and is currently obtaining more from Steve Siebold.

Her first book, “Prayers Fom The Heart” will be available soon at

Her first inspirational Spoken Word album is available at

Additionally, she is the inventor of the Thinking Cap® line of inspirational jewelry. (story about that journey is on her website)She encourages everyone to wear their Thinking Cap®. Recently she read and agreed that:

”Wealth is the product of a man’s capacity to think.” – Ayn Rand 1905-1982, Author, Philosopher

Mertileen made a concrete decision to win on this journey of life, especially during her moments of “fires”, “ torrential rain” “lightening,” “thunders” “ earthquakes” and avalanches of life. As a direct result of her experiences, she has learned many priceless life lessons and feels committed to being a catalyst for others, so that they can “take action” and walk carefully, confidently and successfully in their destinies.

Mertileen continues to create new inspirational and motivational products. She will be publishing more of her over thirty years of manuscripts in the near future. The present is great for her and the future will be much greater, as she carefully, confidently and successfully travels along her destined path. She is happy and willing to use her gifts and talents to help make this world a better place, for all of us, in her own way that she knows best.

She is the proud mother of one son, who serves in the US Army.




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