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Rich spent his life in various senior corporate positions and after many years and different careers; he now devotes his focus to creative passions. Having spent a lifetime studying many different ancient spiritual belief systems he was inspired to action when a new puppy, Maya, came to town. Rich lives in Connecticut with his wife, Maya, and four cats.

Rich defines himself by his spiritual interests and values. He has been artistically inclined all his life, and at 6 years old, was one of the youngest members of the Art Student’s league of New York (across from Carnegie Hall). However, he always used his art only for spiritual pursuits. Rich carved stone, painted, wrote poems and stories and many other creative passions – all for the give away, His life changed the day, while he was walking Maya, when he heard the answer to the questions he had always asked.
The single most important guiding principle that he has and tries to live is the Golden Rule. Rich has a strong desire to make a difference and believes he can help people to feel and deal better during these challenging times of stress and anguish.

His path to get to this book is a 61-year journey of taking every circuitous route. He didn’t want children to have to wait 61 years to open to the possibilities. There are so many wonderful things that have influenced his life in such mystical ways and after having experienced so much magic, he felt compelled to help.



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