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Staying Motivated & Creating Breakthroughs During Those Demotivating Times


So I’m sure that you’ve been there, we all have right? Finding something your really passionate about like sales, customer service, creating products, blogging, or what ever may happen to be your burning desire. Then one day all the breakthroughs, content, and passion are lost in almost a split second.

Maybe it’s the idea that your not quite where you thought you’d be? Maybe it was someone else saying “give it up”, maybe you’re burning the candles on both ends, maybe you are finding that this burning desire that really pumped you up two years ago, is not transforming somehow. Whatever the reason for this transition or  shift in your life, it is meant to take you to a new and exciting place.

I know this because I have walked through that valley myself. A few times in fact and in the end, I always get directed into the place I need to be. When you find yourself lacking the motivation to complete a project, continue down the path you chose, or find yourself having less breakthroughs that you had expected at this point in your life, here are a few tips and techniques I personally use to overcome that demotivating time and charge my batteries again.

I get out a piece of paper and I answer the following questions:

Rules: Yes there are rules! This has to be done by you, alone and without distractions!

  1. Make a list of all of the things that really charged or charge you up with this great journey you’re on when you first had that magnificent idea.
  2. If you’re creating a product, write down what results your clients will see once you have completed this new product. If you’re providing a service, share what you do to help your clients get the results they want. How much value will your product and service provide to these clients to help them in their lives?
  3. What breakthroughs have you already had with this product and service? (Client testimonials, people you’ve met, people you’ve already helped, aha moments you’ve already experienced, the benefits it has had on your family, etc.)
  4. Clarify your purpose for doing what you’re doing. What’s your why? If you are having a hard time figuring that out, you can try this free video series I have put together to help people find their greatness. Get it here

When you have done that, it usually will give  more direction and clarity about the reasons why you originally started this journey. The one thing that you must always remember is that when you get these blessings from the universe (the ideas that come to you are coming to you because the creator knows you can make them work) it is the blessed person who takes hold of an idea and runs with it.

The storms both you and I face are the same regardless of your social, financial, or business class. We all face storms and have to brave the hurricane winds. If you have ever seen a tree on the shore line in a hurricane, it gets banged around pretty, pretty, good. The most beautiful thing is that after every storm, this tree is much stronger now that it had made it our the other side.

So will you. You will breakthrough, you will conquer fear, doubt, and the tentacles of adversity. You will because you have been chosen to bring your special gift to the world. Another great thing I like to do when I am feeling deflated, demotivated is I start to think of all of the people my services will help and that really lights my fire again.

We all lose our motivation, our goal should be to work toward inspiration in the end. See motivation is more of an ego based idea. breakthrough into your greatness with inspiration instead. When you are inspired by a great purpose, a great goal. Your thoughts break their bonds and your mind transcends limitations. You find yourself in a new an glorious world. I can tell you, that you truly do.



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