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When Do OUR Words Become Belief

We hear it everywhere…Think positive, keep thinking about you dream, believe in what you are capable of, and belief is the gateway to success.

These statements sure do have a positive impact, i mean we have all left that seminar with high ambition, just juiced with excitement to reach fro our greatness, and even started to take immediate and massive action. When do those words we tell ourselves about what we are capable of start to become a belief?

During a recent interview with Ian Humphrey, this question arose and the answer was one that took quite a bit of thought. Here is a link to Ian’s video about when the words we say to ourselves actually become a belief. Click Here To Watch
words When we are taking new limitless words and applying them to our old paradigms, this process of having them become beliefs is somewhat of a fictitious thing isn’t it? Breaking these long term old paradigms are tough to do.. Did you see the instant connection there? Did you read into that word? Let’s share it again Long Term Old Paradigms.

These paradigms didn’t just appear in your mind overnight, they took a long time to implant themselves through your beliefs, friends, family, and other outside environmental circumstances / situations. So why do we think this would change overnight? Is it because we have become an instant gratification society? Maybe we never really give any tough as to how long it has actually taken to become our belief.

Eiher way, this is what we face. So how do we change these old limiting beliefs into new ones? When do these new found thoughts turn from just thoughts to our new paradigms of possibility? My belief is that this answer hase two ways of looking at it.

  • One is that we need to understand, we have taken time to allow these limiting beliefs into our minds, so in turn we will need to allow time to replace this old belief with new limitless thoughts.
  • Two is that these new thoughts are going to be challenged by your biggest opponent… Your Mind! this opponent is stronger that any superhero you have ever met, will ever meet, or that Hollywood will ever be able to created.

Our mind challenges change, we all know this. Maybe you have tried to meditate before and all of a sudden as you are trying to keep your mind clear, thoughts start to enter and if you allow your mind to play the game it LOVES to play you will see that you shift from one weir thought to another within seconds and this continues until you stop and “think” what the heck was that all about?

Choice is the biggest and most powerful solution to this issue. Make a choice, and unwavering choice to only allow these limitless thoughts into your mind and you will change your beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of.

When do they turn into beliefs. I believe the ultimate answer to be… When you choose for them to become your new beliefs. Will this stop your “Negative Nancy” (sorry to anyone named Nancy!) from popping up? Nope not at first but you will be surprised at the power a true and committed decision can make.

Joy To You In Every Precious Moment.

Breaking Through The Edge Of Uncertainty

Breaking Through The Edge Of Uncertainty

Breaking Through The Edge Of Uncertainty

Have you stepped out on the edge of uncertainty and taken a breath before you jumped lately.. or ever?

DMJ-300Dennis Merritt Jones, author, speaker, and Huffington Post blogger asked that question and it really makes you think, no? How many times do we really step out on the edge of uncertainty and take that leap? not very many times I would think. That edge is the “ledge” of the norm, the ledge of “The same old.” This ledge can be the wall that you never believed to be erected in front of you. This “ledge” can stop you from going after what you really want in life, it can keep you trapped inside the limiting belief cycle that goes something like this…. “Me? I am not meant to reach that height of greatness, that’s reserved for those super successful people.”

What is “that height of greatness” anyway? Have you ever sat down and thought about what success is to you? Not to your friend, spouse, or children but what success means to you. Once you really give this question some serious thought the next step is to go and stand out on the edge of uncertainty and take a deep breath. When you take that deep breath, look around. How is the view? Scary? Possibly it is! How do you think a bird feels?

robin-nestThink about it this way. After the egg hatches, the bird’s mother does everything for them and then they reach that critical moment where they too have to step out into the world on their own. The bird doesn’t need anyone to convince them that they can fly, they trust that their inherent knowing will guide them to the freedom of flight. They stand on the edge of their nest (The edge of uncertainty) They then fall over or if they take too long their mother gives them that motherly love push and forces them into the unknown. They go over the edge and flap their wings as the ground speeds towards them, trying their hardest to defy the laws of gravity, then before they know it they are flying.

That inherent or innate knowing is your edge that you must go over and travel to your dreams. Trust your knowing and step out on that edge go for your dreams and remember to take that breath before you go over and enjoy the journey. Will it hurt sometimes? Sure will, everyone who has succeeded has faced that dreaded word “failure”, however, this word is only six letters assembled into a form that people tend to use all to often in life. We should change our inner belief about that word to something like this.

“Failure is simply success with an unintended ending”

Some of the things that we believe to be correct to be truths, sometimes prove to be lies. As we pass from the morning of our lives into the afternoon of our lives, these beliefs we have in the morning become lies and the same goes for that word…..Failure!

Stepping out to the edge of uncertainty and having this idea, goal, situation, or dream not quite turn out the way you wish. Does not mean in any fashion that you have failed.
If you go for your dream, you are already a success. 99% of the population are stuck in their comfort zone of the “norm” where there is no edge, no uncertainty, no such 2074319525_81309da47bthoughts of reaching out to become something better, to reach for the moon and grab a few stars on the way. So that in essence already makes you a leader, a success regardless of the outcome. Keep moving toward your goals learning from every situation you face whether it brings amazing results or something you feel might be less. There is a learning experience in everything we do.

Then release yourself to the belief that the highest power in this universe wants you to succeed. He does this with nature and will do the same with you, by releasing to you everything you will need to succeed, you just have to be willing to see it and accept it as such. A gift of the present!

The past is history, the future a mystery. The gift is now, that’s why it’s called the present. Enjoy the edge and take flight like a baby bird and morph into an eagle. The Eagle is the only bird that doesn’t run for cover when there’s a storm. Eagles fly above the clouds during a storm where it’s still nice and sunny!

The Road To Amazing Isn’t Always Clear At The Start

<br /> The Road To Amazing Isn’t Always Clear At The Start<br />

Have you ever put so much effort into something only to have it seemingly blow up in your face?

This question we ask quite a few people, we ask experts through our Three Feet From Gold Interviews, we ask family members, friends, and even people that have written us asking for help. It all seems to make such great sense does it not? Well in essence it sure does, find that nice beautiful “Gold Nugget” Inside every adversity right?

Well this post is all about that but it is about something even deeper. I read Josh Hind’s bok recently, you can actually check out the book review on it HERE if you wish. Josh HInds It's Your Life LIVE BIG Book CoverIn lesson 7 Josh shares a vital ingredient in all adversity, this ingredient is pretty simple but so often overlooked. Before we get to that principal, I would like to share a quick story with you.

Just last week Josh and I got on a video call to record his expert interview scheduled to launch on November 18th. Our interview was filled with excitement, joy, I know it is what everyone says but AWESOME content and it was jam packed with everything you love. So as we completed the interview, I knew that it would be at least a week before I would be able to get to the editing portion (I was coding the members area for all of ya!) Not a member yet, click HERE so as we stood on November 6th 2012, I was just getting to the editing portion of Josh’s interview. I have to tell you I was really excited to see the video as I used this new recording device that had proven to be amazing for all our radio shows, the audio was superb in every call.

Here in lies the adversity! I went to look at the specs of the video and it was recorded at 10FPS. What? Now for all of you who work in video or have dipped into it at some point, you will know that 10 FPS is not a very high frame rate at all. Out expert videos are recored and produced between 25 and 29.97 FPS. Needless to say and so as not to go into some pretty “Geeky” stuff. The videos were pretty much useless.

[bq_left] The challenge is that in order to benefit from the lesson adversity has in store for us, we must first be willing to accept there’s a lesson in the first place -Josh Hinds –

I had to do that you would never really want to do. I had to call Josh and explain that I didn’t do my proper homework and I was not as prepared as I thought I was. Next was to ask for him to once again take time out of his busy schedule to record another expert interview. As the gentalman he is, it was no issue. Which brings us full circle to the point behind this post. During our conversation, I had said to Josh that I believed it was a useless piece of video and he asked how the audio was. “Well it is really good” I said.Josh then came up with thsi idea. Below is segments of our interview for you to listen to.

What an amazing idea, see in everything, EVERYTHING that happens to us, there is always an opposite. Napoleon Hill and Josh Hinds are both right. Mr. Hill said that “With every adversity is planted the seed of an equal or greater benefit” Josh Hinds said “The challenge is that in order to benefit from the lesson adversity has in store for us, we must first be willing to accept there’s a lesson in the first place”, both of these statements will go down officially into history.

Please enjoy these Audio recordings of the interview that went from Horrible to amazing in 5:34 Minutes (That was the length of the call with Josh)


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Definition Of Success

In this audio recording, Josh Hinds shares what is most likely the biggest element ni reaching what you determine to be success. Even though it is the most important element, it is the element that most overlook and under appreciate. That element is: What's YOUR definition of success? Is your definition YOURS and yours alone or are you trying to live someone else's "Success Definition"?


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The Evolution Of Success

Josh likes to this as success begets success and he is so right. Success does not have tobe monumental, your success points along your route to your ultimate goal will help you expand and grow. Our opportunity to choose are beautiful and monumental moments.



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Belief In The Underlined Gold Nugget

Napoleon Hill said in his historic book Think And Grow Rich "With EVERY adversity is planted the seed of an equal or greater benefit" You will be very hard pressed tro find anyone that thinks positively to say Mr. Hill is totally wrong. There is a big but here, it is that YOU have to believe there are these seeds of an equal or greater benefit in every adversity or else, are you going to find something that you don't believe is there?


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The Work Around

You have heard the saying about the 100 ways to skin a cat right? Well this is nothing about that although it is about working around obstacles by thinking possibility thoughts, brainstorming, and believing in the single most important person in the world...YOU..Oh ya and YES I did call it a "Walk Around" Not a work around when I was asking Josh. So I already know I messed up! JOY!!



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