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Fear And Her Brother Faith

<br /> Fear And Her Brother Faith<br />

You have heard the saying before fear knocked at the door, faith opened it and nothing was there. Or even you have nothing to fear but fear itself. These quotes or statements are very true but none the less, they are still some of the most difficult emotions to overcome.

Fear is a responsive emotion that is meant to keep us safe. So it is really a good thing, the issue is not fear itself. It’s more of what’s been programmed in our subconscious minds that creates these feelings we get when we have to step outside our comfort zone and act on situations or circumstances we have never acted on before.

Challenge Yourself

This new action is what triggers these feelings inside that in turn create the fear you and I face. Does knowing this make it easier to overcome? Maybe, maybe not. Most likely no but there is a way to keep this imbalance of emotions “in-check” by first excepting that you have a fear about your situation, then telling yourself that is it normal to have these feelings. This sets up your mind to take responsibility for the fear and only when you take responsibility and own the fear, can you truly act on overcoming it.

One last thing, if you fear going for that goal in your life. Look for people who have overcome the same or remarkably close fear. Discussing it with people that have never come close to overcoming what you are looking to conquer will have very little real life help to offer. You wouldn’t get great advise about creating a life of abundance if you searched out a homeless man under a bridge and asked him to share his wisdom would you?



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