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The Fight Gets Fierce When You Stand Three Feet From Gold

As we start out in life, our path goes in one direction to another to another. When we make the critical and life altering decision to get after what we truly want in life, to really stretch ourselves and see what we are made of. Some remarkable happens… We start to grow in ways we never thought possible, we start to learn, meet new people, and everything starts to come together right?


We travel this road loving the decision we have made, the choice that we either confidently or not so confidently made to live the life we truly want. Sure we have faced a few challenges here and there, a few naysayers, and even a few disbelievers. We have listened to out mentors, educators, spiritual leaders, and experts. We have acted on their suggestions, ideas, and advise. All of this is helping us get to this “final destination” called success, greatness, or our dream.



This path is not a quick one, it seems to be this long winding road. Somedays are great and some seem to hold our hand and take us in a direction that almost seems like it is going in reverse. Those days are the testing days of life, the days where the creator is asking if this is something you REALLY want to do. These days ask you questions like: Are you a believer in your ability?, Do you think this is worth it?, What makes you think you have this in you?, Did I start down a path I am no where near qualified for?

All of these questions and Hundreds more rain down in your mind like an avalanche of negativity. You start to tell yourself that you are worthy, you are going for your dream no matter what. Then more challenges, adversities, and massive obstacles poke their ugly head up. When things start to feel like they are going great, here comes yet Another adversity. Is this meant to humble you even more? Is this meant to share another valuable lesson? Do you feel you have had plenty of lessons on this journey to your greatness? These questions and many others infiltrate your mind just as all those questions of limitation did not that long ago.

Here is where it is time to stand and fight!


It is this time where you stand just Three Feet From Gold this moment of triumph will not come without courage and unwavering belief. Are you set for greatness? Are you ready to walk those Three Feet?


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As you approach your success make no mistake about one thing. The fight will get even more fierce as you approach your greatness. You will be tested in ways you never thought possible, and you will start to waiver. This is why there are so many people out there today that want more, crave a better life, and never attain it. The reason is that they quit when they are Three Feet For Gold, when they think they have had enough challenges to last five lifetimes. There is one statement that I repeat over an dover again as I face these challenges just like you.


[quote type=”small” align=”left”] I need to succeed at my goal, vision, and dream. I have to succeed as there are so many people on the planet that need what I am about to bring forth. [/quote]


Yo see, you need to succeed at what ever you are going after so you can help someone achieve what they are going for. It is really that simple…. Not easy! don’t ever get those two mixed up!

As you get closer and the battle gets more intense, hold your position, anchor in and fight like you have never fought before. There will be a lot of people out there that will thank you in the end.


Joy to you and have a remarkable week!



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