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The Hidden Three Stages Of A Positive Or Negative Vortex

The Hidden Three Stages Of A Positive Or Negative Vortex

The other day during a conversation with Rico Racosky something extremely profound arose and has been sticking with me like glue so I had to create this post in the hopes that it will also free you from the negative vortex that most of us find ourselves in. Through this realization, Rico and I discussed the three stages that keep us from remaining positive about life, our goals, our daily activities, and what is on the horizon.

First, there is no question that staying positive is a choice and it’s also hard work. Della Menechella shares this in a video from her series entitled Staying Positive Is Hard Work. The fact that remaining positive day in day out is almost impossible because we are human and we have these things you might have heard of called emotions… Yes these emotions can help us have moments of complete negativity. When these moments happen, maybe you call a friend, maybe you yell and scream to yourself in a “little conversation”, or maybe you vent to your spouse. Whatever the process is that you deal with these negative moments, there is a trifecta of events that seem to occur that can hinder our progress toward regaining out positive state of mind.

positive-thinking-takes-work You’re probably looking to hear these three stages or the “vortex” that seem to keep people in a negative state of mind so you can identify them and make the conscious choice to get off the downward slide of negativity and onto the escalator of positivity right? Well lets take a deep look at each of these three main areas.


Venting is the first of the three stages of the vortex. Now, please don’t think for a second that any of these stages shouldn’t be expressed. Even the most positive people out there vent about challenges and storms they are in the heart of. You are no different, you are simply human! Venting comes in two forms I believe the first is when you experience a single or multiple (usually negative or frustrating) events that lead up to a “blow out” almost like a kettle heating up and then whistling when it’s ready. The second is positive venting, this is when something remarkable happens and you share this excitement with everyone you come into contact with (usually for a few days), You’ve been to both of these parties I’m sure!  These two process are perfectly normal to do, we need to release these thoughts from our heads as they lead us into the second stage of the “vortex” which is Processing.


As we vent or as we share our successes or perceived failures with people, we start to mentally process the information to ourselves. This processing of positive thoughts changes our feelings and creates more and more positive thoughts. The same goes for the negative side of our venting/processing right? This processing shares things like “who do they think they are?, Why did they do that?, What did I do to them? and so on and so on. It also produces thoughts like Man I really did a great job?, What a difference I made in that person’s life, I can do this and next time I’ll do it better, and so on and so on. If you think back to a time when you were venting either in a negative or positive way, can you see how the words that you were sharing with the people or person listening were the words you needed to hear to actually process the information? We do in every situation, this is a big reason people justify things to themselves long after the actual situation is over and forgotten, they still have this need to internally process why they did what they did. Think about it!


The third stage of maintaining a positive or negative vortex of thinking is the chronic stage. This is the “stuck” stage. So many discuss being stuck as a negative idea, we believe just like venting there are two sides to this coin as well. When we are “stuck” in this chronic stage of negativity, our lives are total crap, plain and simple right? When we are “stuck” in the vortex of chronic positive thinking, we are living a life filled with bliss, joy, and excitement right? The easiest way to share the idea of the chronic stage starts is to say simply it is when you go past the processing stage, so what does this mean? As we transition from venting to processing, we take the situation and internalize it to try and find things like a reason it happened, was this intentional, was it something I did, and many other layers like that. After you have processed it and realized what ever layer fits your idea of why it happened, it turns chronic when you keep going over and over it until it is engrained in your mind and you start to live with that idea. On the negative side it comes out in ways like procrastination, justification of why you didn’t do something, and even fear. I’m sure you have been there with a friend or family member, when they start talking, you know you’re in for a ling drawn out negative conversation. On the flip side, I am also sure you’ve had conversations where the other person might seem to you to be almost fake about how positive they are.

So the really big question is, how would you rather live? And the second question is, what direction are you going to chose to take in your life. Does the positive “vortex” feel better? Does it have a higher vibe to it? Ya, you might be called Pollyanna, so what! When you walk into a room do you want people to drop their heads because they just simply don’t want to make eye contact with you in fear that you will start your chronic complaining about how everyone is against you and the world is out to crush your life? Or do you want them to feel good when they speak to you? Just in case those questions are a little foggy, your vibration is infectious to everyone around you. If you are in a negative vibration, everyone around you has the possibility of getting negatively infected. If you are in a positive vibration, once again everyone around you has the possibility of getting infected in a glorious and positive way. Let them call you what they will, when you infect someone with positivity, they will have a better day I promise!




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