Conversations That Create Trajectory Moments

The Only Conversation That Counts

The ONLY Conversation that counts!

“When it comes to living the life we want, the conversations we have with ourselves can be our greatest asset or worst enemy!”

There is but one conversation you can have that can change the way you look at EVERYTHING. This is the most important one, the one you have with yourself. It is, in the end, The Only Conversation That Counts.

Why? You can have the greatest ideas on the planet, the greatest friends surrounding you with their support, and the greatest financial backing available. If you continue to have negative conversations with yourself in those quiet moments, talking about things like…

  1. What you’re not “apparently” capable of.
  2. What your product or service, “apparently” isn’t capable of
  3. That your dream simply isn’t “apparently” possible

You’re never going to achieve the dreams you’re going after. The reality is that we never seem to have a lack of thoughts that share with us, what we’re not capable of. When we give into these “Completely Stupid” ides, we then create a vibration that rings throughout the universe and in the end, returns to us exactly what we ask for.

positive-thinking-takes-workI believe, there is but one single source that has destroyed more dreams than anything. It’s our own defeating thoughts. Once your thoughts defeat us, there’s no coming back my friend.

Have you ever accomplished something in a very short period of time, looked back in complete amazement after it was all done and thought to yourself “wow, how did all that happen?”. I can remember one such experience I had during our annual Christmas and New Year Specials where we get usually 5 experts together and they share their ideas and beliefs on Gratitude during the Christmas week, then during the week of New Years, we discuss how to create a Revolution in our lives for the upcoming year. This particular year, I had a BIG idea…

Why not get 20 experts together for this year’s event?”

Did I mention that it was the 10th of December? Yeah… Trying to get 20 experts to give up an hour of their time two weeks before Christmas, not to mention, I would have to record and produce the 40 videos, create 40 new pages on the site, and have enough time to promote it all.

When it was all done, my wife asked me how I was able to pull it off. My first response was… “Why would I not be able to?”. See, I never gave it a single thought that I wouldn’t pull it off. The mix of her question and my answer sunk in and in just a few short seconds, it hit me… I pulled off something that most people would call impossible.

That’s when it really hit me… When it comes to living the life we want, the conversations we have with ourselves can be our greatest asset or worst enemy! Of course, this is just one such example. I am sure you, just as I do, have more examples of things just like this happening.

So why is it that when we set out to achieve our goals, do we start to waiver and let out “Little Conversations” tell us that it’s simply not going to happen, just because it might notabstract figures be happening in the timeline we had <em”think” it should happen in?

I wish I had some magic bullet to give you or share some instant insight that will eliminate these limiting conversations you have. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Here are three suggestions that I use and find work extremely well.

  1. Think of a time you accomplished a great task without having all the needed skills. I once won a sales competition when I was relatively new at a company and had way less skill and knowledge than some of the veterans I beat out.
  2. Write out both the skills you have and the ones you believe you’ll need to accomplish your goal. When I started Little Conversations Today, I had a dream of what I wanted it to look like, share, and how it would all flow. I was missing a few pieces of the puzzle. First, I had no coding skills and second I knew nothing about photoshop or image manipulation. So I hit You Tube and taught myself how to write code and use photoshop. You need to work to develop the skills you need to accomplish your goal while using the skills you already have to take the next step toward your finish line
  3. Surround yourself with people that have big beliefs. In other words, hang out and associate with people that have a positive outlook and support your dream.

When our thoughts and conversations focus on what’s possible, we keep the passion alive and driving forward. Don Green shared a great video on how both success and failure are simply states of mind. When our mind is focused on what is possible, our conversations follow. When your mind is focused on what’s impossible, our conversations also follow.

When a negative conversation arises, use the ideas from these three suggestions. So let’s say that you’re in bed tonight and as you’re waiting to fall asleep, your mind starts sharing all of those wonderful “You can’t do this and that” thoughts. Say something like.

I remember when I beat out all of those veterans at my company when they had all the skill and industry knowledge. When I started Little Conversations Today without any html coding knowledge, experts lined up, or connections. I still created something really special for everyone who experiences it. My friends know I can do it, why do I doubt myself? I have proved that I was capable of so much in the past, I’m going to do the same thing now. I will succeed.

Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective. Here is what Napoleon Hill said to a doctor when he was in the hospital after his son Blair was born and the doctor advised Napoleon Hill that he would be a deaf mute his whole life. Napoleon disagreed and after the doctor said that there were some things in life that no one has control over. Napoleon Hill replied:

Doctor. There is nothing in this world that I can’t do something about, even if it’s nothing more than adjusting myself to an unpleasant situation so it doesn’t destroy my spirit



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