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Container Of Positive Thoughts To Propel You To Your Dreams

Our minds are like a container that holds your thoughts

I just finished a book by Shawn Shewchuck entitled Change Your Mind Change Your Results. Shawn made an extremely interesting comment and that is the base of this weeks episode of Little Conversations TV. Shawn said:

Think of your mind for a moment as a container of ideas, and if its full, then something has to come out before more can be put in.

This is a great visual for us to take in about the thoughts that we chose to think and repeat everyday. What type of thoughts do you allow to fill your container? Are they thoughts of limitations, lack, or inability to achieve your dreams? If they are, then we need to get you to empty a few of these out at a time and replace them with positive limitless thoughts.

The one thing about thoughts, especially negative ones, is that you can’t just stop thinking them and expect them to go away. In order to truly break free, you will need to replace them with positive thoughts.


As I share in this video, one great process that had helped me more than any other is to release these negative thoughts from my head and onto paper. On the left side of the paper write out your negative thought, then on the right side, write out the positive polar opposite of that thought. This will allow you to have an opposite beneficial thought to go along with your negative ones. When you have that negative thought come up, stop and immediately think of the positive thought you write down.

As you go through this exercise, you will notice in a very short period of time, your negative thoughts toward your true dreams and desires will start to dissipate and you will start to have a lot more positive thoughts. We also have other posts that you can check out on thoughts. Here is one you might like about the Vortex Of Thought.

We hope that yo enjoy this episode of Little Conversations TV.



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